Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm back...I'm in love...And I'm going places...

Well my friends, it has been some time. I just feel like there is so much to catch you all up on! But nobody likes too many wordy blog posts, well I do, but y'all might not. I will give you a list!

  1. The most exciting...I have fallen in love. Lynn Tippets and I have been dating for a short time of about 3 months, and it has been quite the adventure. Not at all easy, but what relationship is? Lynn moved to Utah  a little over a month ago, and I have found that I really don't like long distance. But every day is a learning experience and I am sure I have lots to learn, but I am happy. We are doing great, and quite the gem. I think I'll keep him around :)
  2. I have decided to live my dream. And make it happen. I always wanted to be a nurse, it was my dream in high school and all through college. The Lord had a different plan for me at that time, but I always felt that when I graduated from BYU-I, going back to school for nursing was going to be the plan. it's been a year and it's time to just do it. I will take some summer classes here in Texas at a community college, and then a few more in the fall. I have it all planned out so that with the classes I will be ready to apply for nursing school in January. Where you ask? I am planning on moving back up to Utah in January! I will apply to the nursing program at the University of Utah, to start next fall. Between January and fall, I will take a few courses at Utah Valley University so that when I start the program, I'll be all set. (I am trying to sound confidant in getting into the program..) Some people think this is a huge step. is, I mean, Lynn is out in Utah and he is a big reason I want to be out there. But this move will also be for me, me trying to fulfill my life dream. That is what excites me the most. I finally will have an answer when people ask me what I want to be when I grow up. The idea of being a nurse just makes me so happy, and you should be excited about what you want to be when you grow up right? I sure think so. 
  3. Texas spring has just begun. Just a few short weeks ago the Dallas area got hit bad with tornadoes. In one day, in just a span of a few hours, about 15 tornadoes touched down in the Dallas area alone. Well , for those of you who don't know, I live in the Dallas area. That afternoon was quite a scary one. I watched on the news, footage of homes and neighborhoods completely destroyed by tornadoes that were literally less than an hour away from me. Then I saw footage of semi's being tossed around in the air like they weighed nothing. That took place in a city 25 minutes away from me. I however, was lucky and survived without any damage to my home, car, or to my parents homes. I was at my mom's house during my lunch break when the storm hit, the tornado sirens started to go off, and I was like..Ummm Am I really supposed to drive to work with these sirens going off? It was freaky. And the sky turned all green-ish. It was crazy. And literally...I know it is only the beginning. Bring it on spring.
  4. I am taking off to California this coming weekend to be a bridesmaid in my very first roommate's wedding! It is the first time I will be a bridesmaid this year, it is the first of three that are coming up this summer. I am truly honored to be a part of the weddings for some of my closest friends. And I am so so so so excited to be there to enjoy each of their special days, how special indeed it will be. 
  5. I saw Gary Allan in concert last night, and it truly was a life changing event. He is awesome, and I've always loved his music. He sang all of his greatest hits, and he was amazing. It's not too often that someone can sing their songs live better than they do on the album. He did it. 
  6. I saw titanic in 3D, and I still had hope during the whole 3.5 hours of it that either the boat would miss the iceberg, or that Jack would fit on that door too and they could live happily ever after. Don't know why I ALWAYS continue to hope for those things. 
  7. The phrase "Keep Calm and Pray On" has changed my life.
  8. After Easter, I made the mistake of going and seeing the 50% off Easter candy at walmart. I could not pass up the starburst jelly beans for only .98 cents. Now I feel like I may suffer death by jelly beans!
  9. I just reached my year anniversary at work, which also means it's been a year since I've graduated from college. Whoa. Weird. Makes me feel old. 
  10. I need to be better about blogging. I'm sorry! Thank you Chanel for the reminder!! 


nana said...

Love to hear you are in love. And I'm sure you'll get in the nursing program. Why wouldn't they want you!
Also I have the same problem when I watch Titanic. For like a week or 2 after I find m yself thinking about rose and jack and what there lives would be like if they had both survived. Then I remember it's not a true story and I'm almost happy. Thanks for the update!

chan said...

P.S. The comment from Nana is really from Chanel. I didn't realize my mom was still in when I posted that comment!

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