Sunday, January 8, 2012

Oh Hello New Year, We Meet Again...

I love how at the beginning of every new year, everyone makes all these new goals, and they are ready to change their life for the better. I am one of those people. I love it. It's a fresh new year and the start of what we all hope is a wonderful and exciting year. I often hear the phrase this time of the year, "This year is going to be my year", well lets surely hope so.

Remember how I had mentioned earlier that I was going to make a book that I found on pinterest, listing one thing everyday I am grateful for this year? Well. I made it. And I've been writing one thing in it every day that I am grateful for. Some days I can't help but sneak more than one thing in there. I hope that I can continue to write in it  everyday because I really think it'll be so neat to look back through it at the end of the year.

During the holidays I had couldn't help but reflect on 2011 and the things that have happened that changed my life in so many ways. I thought of the numerous people that came into my life this last year alone, and I was amazed and extremely grateful. I have made so many wonderful friends this year that it just kinda blows my mind. I am one lucky gal.

Some big or small events that took place that come to mind when I think of 2011:

  • well...I graduated from college at BYU-Idaho.
  • I drove from Idaho to Texas for the first time ever
  • I experienced negative 30 degrees, and 120 degrees in the same year.
  • I attended a Texas rangers games, Dallas mavericks game, and Dallas stars game.
  • Oh ya, the Dallas Mavericks became the NBA finals CHAMPIONS!!!
  • I traveled to Virginia for my best friends wedding. Oh and I was his grooms woman.
  • 5 months later I was his sister's bridesmaid in her wedding.
  • I bought myself my first brand new car. A little graduation gift to myself.
  • I jumped on the I-Phone bandwagon, and then all of my friends followed in my footsteps. 
  • I got a job, and started two days after I got back from graduating in Idaho.
  • I bought Justin Bieber's movie 'Never Say Never' at midnight with Erica, then we went back on November 1st to buy his Christmas Album at midnight. 
  • I moved into my first post-college apartment.
  • I pulled an all nighter for the first time ever during Black Friday.
  • I rode the Texas Star at the Texas State Fair for the first time in my life, and tried some awesome fried food.
  • I flew out to Idaho of all places for two separate vacations just to visit my friends after I graduated. Best vacations ever.
  • I drove down to Houston in my sweet new ride for the first time ever by myself for a quick two day trip to visit Ally and Dan.

Those are just a sample of things that come to mind tonight. 2011 was a big year. But I think that every year we make it through another year is a big year. When it comes to the end of it, one can only look back and reflect. And learn from the good and bad times we had. Every experience and every person that came in or out of our lives taught us something. It is up to you to act on those lessons learned and let them shape the way you step into this new year. 

I have one big resolution this new year. To take care of myself spiritually, and physically. Underneath this one goal is a million smaller goals that I won't go into. But let me just say, I feel like this year is my year ;)

Goodnight all. 
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