Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mid November and 75 Degrees?! Yes.

Hello bloggers! Im coming to you live from Dallas Texas where it's November 15th, but the high for today is a beautiful 75 degrees!! Seriously, fall is my favorite time of the year here. It's beautiful, warm but not hot, the leaves are changing colors,and there is NO snow. After living in Idaho for the past four falls, it's kind of nice to experience a nice Texas fall again. Although, I won't lie, sometimes in those few days at school before coming home for Christmas, it was nice to see the snow for the holidays. But I've seen enough snow to last me um...forever I think. So ya, to those of you in Idaho or Utah or anywhere cold, I lend you an invite to come visit me! Haha.

This week has some great things in store! First of all, Breaking Dawn comes out on Thursday night at midnight and you better believe I'll be at that midnight showing with the ladies. Work the next morning will be rough, but it's worth it.
Also the hunger games trailer came out yesterday I believe and it made me soooo excited to see it!! Even better, that movie comes out on my birthday week. Holllaa.

Well I better get back to work! Have a lovely day!

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Kelli Warren said...

I'm sooo jealous! It hasn't been too bad here this year, but it is down to the 30's. I'm just hoping it will hold off snowing until we leave for Christmas! (unrealistic, I know, but that's what I wished for on 11/11/11 @ 11:11 :)
How was breaking dawn? I need to see it! and I loved the trailor for The Hunger Games! It seemed a little dark to me though, I pictured the capitol brighter and all glass and stuff. We'll see!

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