Sunday, August 7, 2011

Heat Wave.

I really struggle these days with blogging. I think mostly it's because I've seemed to lose all this "extra" time that I was sure I'd have once I graduated. Ya, actually I didn't lose it, I never found it. I've been busy, busy, busy ever since I came home from school. BUT I have once rather large announcement!!!! Are you ready?! drum-roll please!!!!!!




I just thought that since everyone else that I know is getting married, that y'all might believe I was too. Hahaha, not to worry. I'm still queen of all the single ladies, hollaaaaa. But now to the real and honest good announcement that I have!

I found an apartment and am moving in on August 27th!!!

I am so very excited!!! I am moving in with two girl-friends of mine that are in my singles ward! We got ourselves a cute little three bedroom apartment with a fireplace and even better, its on the first floor. I'm so very excited. Although living in an apartment isn't anything new for me, it is new to have to furnish it. It makes me so grateful that all the apartments I lived in at school were fully furnished. That really made life convenient, and I now know I took that for granted. I feel like a real adult now. But the thought of all the bills real adults have to pay really makes me nervous. Oh well. Welcome to life!

This picture displays to you what has been a daily occurrence in my life these days. The month of August has hit Texas with a mean mean vengeance. I mean when it's 9:30 at night and still 105 degrees, I think you've got a problem. 

Here's a few small things that happened in the life of, well me, this week.
1. Stood in front of a judge in court, and she made me feel more belittled than I ever have felt in my whole life. I turned around and walked out of that court holding back tears the best I could. 
2. I saw the movie "Crazy, Stupid Love" and I loved it. 
3. I allowed myself 2 days of watching Grey's Anatomy. I have seen all of those episodes so many times. I know what is gonna happen. So my question is, why does it still always make me bawl my eyes out?! Seriously. I had puffy eyes at work on Friday morning because I watched too many episodes on Thursday night, too many sad episodes. 

Ok so maybe I had a rough week. But that's ok, because today was a great day. People have tough weeks all the time. It's life.  Church was great and I just have a feeling this week will be great. I'll end with a little thought from a fireside I just got back from. 

It is all too often that we expect life to be easier than it is. We feel entitled to a life without trials and tough times. We have a Savior who gave His life for us. How can we expect our life to be easy, when His life never was? Does that make you think twice about complaining about life? Um yes.

Hope everyone has a great week! Smile lots, and enjoy every moment!


AllyM said...

loved this post. Rough weeks always lead to happy weeks. Oh and I'm so sorry about this heat wave. I'm praying for rain the minute my feet touch down in the great state of Texas.

Katie B. said...

not gonna lie.... you totally has me on the married thing. It does feel like everyone is getting married. Weird.

Kelli Warren said...

I'm sorry this was a no-bueno week. I hate those. But I am super excited to see your new apartment, send me a pic asap! That heat sounds miserable, I think we will have to wait until winter to visit you, I don't think i could handle 120 degrees!
I miss you mucho! Glad to see you are doing so well, ur the most grown up friend I have!!! love you mel

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