Thursday, July 28, 2011

Business Trips, Friends, and Summer Music :)

So right now I am beyond exhausted, I swear, this Texas heat wave is draining me of every last bit of energy.
But something kind of exciting happened this week! I had the privilege of  driving down to Austin with the Doctor that I work for. We were attending a public hearing that  was going to be in one of the buildings by the capitol. It all happened kind of quickly, and before I knew it I was packing my bags to come along with her. We stayed in a nice hotel Monday night, and got up Tuesday morning to get ourselves looking nice and ready for the big event. We dressed up in our professional attire and took off for downtown Austin. I was incredibly nervous, because I had to prepare a three minute speech, and deliver it to the board that was hosting the public hearing.

To kind of explain why the hearing was being held, I will try to make a long story short. The Texas Board of Chiropractic medicine is being sued by the Texas Medical Board. They are trying to change the scope that says what a Chiropractor can and can't do. Although the proposed changes are many and pretty confusing to lots of people, I will say that a big part is the nutrition part. These changes could affect the Chiropractors ability to treat anyone of their patients for anything with nutrition and supplements. Well, for those of you who don't know, the nutrition side of Chiropractic Medicine is my whole career. I work everyday doing wellness and nutrition testing and guidance for many patients. If this law were to be passed, I would be out of a job.

So I went down to Austin  with my boss so that we could both defend our jobs. It was super intimidating to get up in front of that Board, and the many doctors and lawyers that were there, to give my speech. I was probably the youngest person that spoke in that meeting. But I felt good once it was done. I have never felt more important and official and professional in my whole life. Haha, I actually felt like a real adult. And as I walked away from the podium and back to my seat, the crowd applauded, and I got the smile from my boss. You know the one. The one that says "Good job Melissa, I'm so proud of you." I don't know. That's what it felt like to me.

The hearing lasted almost 4 hours. It was kind of funny to see a bunch of Chiropractors fiddling in their seats because their backs hurt from sitting for so long. It was rough. Let me tell ya. But after the hearing, we went out to a super fancy seafood and steakhouse restaurant to celebrate our efforts for the day. We ate so much food there, that we probably looked like ducks wobbling out.

The last two days I've been back at work, and I was glad to hear that today the lawsuit was voted on by the board, and they decided not to pass anything yet. Which is good. That means our speeches at the hearing made a difference to the board. YAY! I feel accomplished.

But there are a few things I don't feel accomplished in.
1. I have lost all motivation to go to the gym. This needs to change.
2. I am still looking for an apartment and it's still one of the most frustrating parts of my life. haha

Here's one awesome thing that happened this week that made my whole life.

These boys came to visit me on their way down to Houston all the way from Rexburg! HOLLLAAA.
Thanks Dan and Michael, it was SO much fun to visit for a little bit.
And thank you Ally for not being  mean to me about it, and for helping me pick out their snacks!

Seriously I know I say it ALL the time, but I really made the best friends up at school in Rexburg, and I'm so very grateful that the friendships are still going strong and that little visits like this one still happen despite being apart for a while. I really don't know where I'd be without the amazing friends that I have made the last four years of my life, and I just feel super blessed. So I love you all :)

I leave you with some of my favorite summer songs at the moment, ones that I definitely turn up loud in my car and sing along too. Don't judge, you know you do it too!

1. How to love-Lil Wayne
2. Super Bass- Nicki Minaj
3. Stereo Hearts- Gym Class Heroes ft Adam Levine
4. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall-Coldplay
5. She Ain't You-Chris Brown (seriously i wish i could dance like him)
6. Next 2 You- Chris Brown and Justin Bieber
7. Blind- Kesha
8. Just a Kiss-Lady Antebellum (obsessed with this video)
9.Never Gonna Leave This Bed- Maroon 5
10. Hello- solveig & dragonette

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oh How I Love Trips Down Memory Lane

Today I was feeling beyond exhausted. And then I somehow got up the motivation to get myself out of the house and go to yoga class at the gym. I haven't gone to the gym since I've been back from vacation. I knew it would be difficult, but oh. my. gosh. I struggled. Maybe it was the fact that it was Hawtha yoga, which means the heat is turned up. I mean, seriously, I really think it is crazy for anybody living in Texas in the middle of the summer to ever even contemplate turning on the heat at all. But it might be even crazier for someone to willingly go to this kind of class for their personal self. I think that makes me crazy. Oh well.

But after the class was over, I felt so much better. I love yoga, it is hard for sure, but it is always so refreshing. Whenever I have lots on my mind, yoga helps me forget everything. When I got in my car and drove home, this song came on the radio. And BAM I was back in 5th grade again.

We sang this song to our parents at my 5th grade graduation. But I really loved this song, I mean I loved N'SYNC so of course I loved this song. Does anyone remember the movie it's from, "Music of the Heart"? I totally loved that movie. It made me want to play the violin so bad. But I never got to do that. But seriously I love this song. So that's my flashback for the night. And I may or may not have listened to this song multiple times in a row prior to posting this. Judge me. I love N'SYNC.

It is late and so my mind is not all the way there. I will leave you with a list of random thoughts on my mind.

  1. Apartment searching is stressful.
  2. Texas summer heat is OUT OF CONTROL and I don't know how much more I can take.
  3. The above statement makes me miss Rexburg blizzards. Yep. Yep it does.
  4. Sometimes being honest is so hard to do.
  5. This remix is my favorite Coldplay remix of all time.
  6. Working with as many cancer patients as I do has really opened up my eyes to see how very lucky I am to have good health. 
  7. I have received one too many wedding announcements this summer.  
  8. Summer time is the best time for new music. 
  9. I'm giving up sweets, because my sweet tooth has gotten the best of me this week.
  10. I've been taking lots of trips down memory lane. I'm grateful for our ability as humans to have the amazing brains that we do that allow us to recall memories for years and years and years. Seriously the human body is incredible if you think about it. Sorry, there's my nerdy health science degree showing.
Well that's it for now. I sincerely hope that everyone is having a great week! Congrats, you made it to Wednesday. The weekend is almost here! Smile. Love. Laugh.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Good Reminder.

I love Sundays. They always give me a day to rest from work and all other activities. And who doesn't appreciate a little rest? This last week was a long busy week for me. I went straight from vacation mode, to work mode without any transition time at all. I flew back into Dallas with my family last Sunday night. By the time we got home it was 1:30 a.m. and I had to be at work at 8:45 a.m. So I got home, jumped in bed, and then got up and went to work. It made for a rough Monday. Work was crazy busy, and it remained that way for the whole week. It was good though, my next pay check will be amazing, so it'll be worth it.

Today we had pot luck after church, and pot luck always ends up being a compilation of many random but amazing foods. I always eat wayyyy too much and come home in a food coma. That for sure happened again today. I sat with my friends Erica and Morgan and we all just sat there and ate and ate and ate. We grabbed a dessert plate to share among the three of us, and we just ate way too much. I came home and just lounged/slept for like 3 hours. Even now I feel like I will never need to eat again.

One last thing I'd like to share in this rather random post (sorry). I came across this video today, and it was exactly what I needed to hear today. I encourage you to spend 6 minutes or so to watch it in its entirety. It is worth it.

I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday, and weekend. Have a great week this week! Smile lots!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bloggers Block is Over.

So I haven't blogged in what feels like F-O-R-E-V-E-R.
I just returned from what was possibly the best vacation of my life, ever, seriously.
Ally and I planned a surprise trip to Rexburg to visit some of our friends from school for the 4th of July, although the surprise was kinda ruined, it's ok because we just had the very best time!
Ally and I had this planned out for probably a month, and I think the trip exceeded both of our expectations for sho :)
So before I show you some pictures I will give you a few insider points to my life right now.
-I still haven't unpacked, so my room is kinda a disaster.
-I'm still in vacation mode so work has been straight up difficult. Is it the weekend yet?
-I have two dates planned this week, with the same guy.
-I am overwhelmingly grateful for the amazing friends in my life.
-I just really love sherbet ice cream. Yum.
-Ally, I can't get myself to go to the gym either, seriously it's a problem.
-I got a fun new calling in my ward!
-I left my JB movie in Rexburg, this is tragic.
-I miss the mountains.
-I am grateful for my life.

I mean, all of these pictures will be framed and put up in my apartment, once I get one.
These memories made make me smile and so I will tell all of you...
Cherish every memory made. 
Find happiness every day.
Laugh often. Love often.
Tell them you love them.
They need to be reminded.

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