Tuesday, May 31, 2011


So I did something crazy...
I woke up yesterday thinking...hmmm I'm gonna go car shopping and check out the memorial day sales.
I didn't really plan on actually purchasing a car. 
But I did.
That's right, I did it. I can't really believe it, but I did it. 

I went and bought a 2011 Toyota Corolla. It's dark metallic blue, and it's fun sized like me. When I drove away with it, it only had 8 miles on it. 2 of those miles were from me test driving it. 
I never do things like this. NEVER. I save money like crazy, and have a hard time spending it. So let me tell you that when I wrote out my check for the down payment on the car, I nearly had a heart attack.
That was rough.
But in all honesty, I have a brand new car. And I payed for the down payment, and am paying for it. It's all me. I'm proud of that. For some reason this song comes to my head. And this one. And this one. Ok I think that's just about all the songs that came to mind. It makes me feel like a real adult, and that's a little scary, but kinda cool too. And as I drove away, this song came on the radio. You better believe I blasted that new sound system and sang it at the top of my lungs. That song just makes people feel like they can sing I decided. 

I went from driving this beast...

to this one...

Life is good.
Now if only I can sell my old car. That would just be awesome. 
Now I leave you with this song, it came on my ipod today and I had forgotten how much I loved it. We all need to remember sometimes just to breath in and breathe out...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Blogging Habits Need To Change

I've really been neglecting my blog. Life has been a little crazy so I haven't been able to read blogs like I used to, and my posts have been boring. I apologize and hope you all understand. But lucky for you all, tonight I am in the mood to blog, and so my mind is about to vomit out all of its thoughts...maybe not so lucky for y'all anyways.

This summer has been a tough transition for me, but I have to say I'm finally starting to enjoy being here. Today was a monumental day at work, I am finally past all my training time, and feel like I have accomplished a lot of learning of new things, and am finally ready to take on this two person job just being the one person that I am. Yep. That's right, they hired me to take over a job that was being done by two people. Today was the first day that I was kinda thrown into the mix of things on my own. And surprisingly, I didn't drown in the sea of assignments that were required for me to accomplish. I stayed a float today, without floaties. And it was kind of awesome.

I've been trying a lot of new things to try to feel established here. Half of me is trying to be ok with living here, and understanding that I have a nice job and that I should just plan on staying here for a while. The other half of me would love to pack everything up again and move out to Utah and reunite with all of my friends. It doesn't really help that they are all very convincing when they tell me to move out there! ;)
But the truth in the matter is that I do have a good job here, and being here is probably what is best for me for the next little while. On that note..

So true.

Those steps I'm taking to feel more established here? Oh ya. So one day last week I walked into my room after a long day at work. I just stood in the doorway and stared into my crammed messy room. I then got some strange desire to completely rearrange my furniture. So I did. My room now has a way more space and isn't so cluttered, and I finally feel like my room is awesome and I love being in it.

I've been working out way more often than I'm used to. I've been taking a class at the gym called "Strike". It's a kick-boxing class with different athletic drills. Needless to say, it's like kick-boxing boot camp. It's tough, but I love it. It kills me every time, I just keep telling myself it's good for me, and will get me ready for swimsuit season! Haha. But today my arm has had this random pulse in it that is a result of last nights strike class. It's like that little pulse you get in your eyelid when you are stressed and sleep deprived, but way more annoying.  Between that class, and my hot yoga class, and my own personal cardio workouts, the gym is providing me a way to unload my stresses at the end of the work day, and helps me get into better shape. All of this is helping me feel more content with Texas these days. 

I hope everyone has a great three-day weekend!! I'm going on a camping trip with the singles ward, it should be lots of fun! I love camping, and tin foil dinners, and good company! xoxo

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Every Mile A Memory

Do you ever go by certain places that instantly spark your memory of another time you were there? This seems to be happening to me a lot lately. Like this is how it happens. I'm in the car, riding down the street, and I drive by a place that sparks a memory. Instantly my mind takes me back to that memory, every thought, every feeling, and every word spoken. It's like I'm back there, re-living that that time in my life. It's kinda crazy to me how vivid our memories can be. Isn't it awesome though that we can remember so much? I don't think I ever take time to be grateful for that.

On another note, I really love Sunday's. Like the day of the week, not the ice cream kind. I look forward to this day every week, and the opportunity of going to church that it brings. It allows me to learn and grow and find some sort of direction in this crazy beautiful thing we call life. I am always reminded of things that matter most, and what path I should be striving to go down. This Gospel is so refreshing, and I continue to learn so much from it every day that it just kind of blows my mind.

Ok well I'm gonna sign out now, there is a C-R-A-Z-Y storm outside and it literally just shut off the electricity, so I'm a little freaked out sitting here in the dark during this tornado warning and lightning and thunder. K bye.!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today I am Grateful For...

Last night I had a really good chat with Kelsey. Even though it started out with us exchanging embarrassing stories, we ended up having a deep conversation about life and things. We talked about how important it is for us to be positive and grateful everyday, even for the trials and hard times in our lives. So that is what I want to blog about today. Little things here and there that I am so grateful for:
  1. My 21 year old Toyota corolla that still runs even though it has over 215,000 miles on it. It still gets amazing gas mileage, and today when gas prices are as high as they are, that is truly a blessing.
  2. My job. I have a job, even though at times it may really stress me out, I have one. And I should be more grateful. 
  3. The Gospel. Seriously. Love it.
  4. Amazing friends. I really am so blessed to have the best friends, the kind that say they will keep in touch, and then they actually do. 
  5. Being able to live at home at this time. 
  6. My family.
  7. Good days. 
  8. Trials that help me to learn a lesson or two.
  9. The fact that today is pay day.
  10. YOU :)
Well that is it for now. Hope everyone is doing well! I leave you with this song that I found the other day. I love it!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

One of the best things about living in Texas is the amazing cooking and BBQ that occurs often. My dad has always loved to be outside cooking on the grill, or outside having a huge craw-fish broil. My dad's broils are always a huge thing that tons of people are invited to. There is usually lots of craw-fish, crab legs, shrimp, sausage, potatoes, and corn. He always cooks it in this mildly spicy Louisiana seasonings, and it's oh OH so good. This weekend my dad wanted to have a little craw-fish broil to celebrate my graduation. It was so much fun, and SOOOo delicious. I brought my best friend Aubrey with me, and we enjoyed the perfect weather, and the amazing food.

In other news, Kelan had his 2nd reception here in Texas this last weekend. It was so fun!
I mean, we deserve props for wearing these shoes.


These boys are my world. We have all been through so much together, plenty of ups and downs, and it amazes me to see how close we all still are to this day. When the reception was over, the three of us and Kelan and Tyler's wives were all just sitting talking about life and some of our best memories from when we were growing up. It was kind of sad to say goodbye, because this was the last time we'll all be together probably for  awhile. It was kind of surreal. All of our lives are changing in really great ways, and we are all really excited to see where each other's lives go, but we were all still kind of sad to say goodbye. I came home kinda overwhelmed with lots of different emotions going through my head. I am just super happy that I know that even though we are saying goodbye for a while, I know that friendships like ours don't just lose touch. 
So a quote that keeps coming to mind is this:
"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."
This quote actually can apply to many situations in my life at the moment.
We really should just be grateful for the memories we make in this life, and look forward to the memories we have yet to make. 

Hope everyone has a great day! Smile lots and be grateful for today!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Justin Bieber-Never Say Never and Other Ramblings!

Last night at midnight the Justin Bieber movie came out. Have I mentioned that I really enjoy this movie? Maybe that's embarrassing to admit. I don't think so though. I think the movie is really great, and I love me some JB music. If you haven't seen the movie, rent it, and turn up the volume! Anyways, last night, I went with my friend Erica to the nearest Walmart to buy the movie.
She's a huge fan, so I was just gonna go with her to buy it, but when I found out the movie was only $14, I just couldn't pass it up. Haha. So as I write this, I am watching the movie, I just love the music oh so much.
Judge me. It's fine. I don't care.

In other news, I have been working out daily! I have been doing yoga, kick-boxing, and plenty of my own workouts. I am so sore, but in a good way. I feel good about getting into shape. And it's kind of awesome wearing tank tops to the gym, right Ally? Haha.

Speaking of Ally, if you don't read her blog, You should. Also check out Kelsey's. Those two girls are amazing, and I am so lucky to call them my friends. I skyped with Ally three times yesterday, and got to have a group oovoo session with Kelsey and Dan as well. I love being able to talk to my friends everyday, it totally makes my life. It takes effort to continue to build friendships when you are no longer in the same state. But my friends and I make that effort, and it is so worth it. So thank you Ally and Kelsey, y'all are the best friends I could ever ask for!

This weekend brings another wedding reception weekend! Kelan and Kalie are now on their way here for reception #2! I'm so excited to see them again, because after this I'm not really sure when I'll see them again for a while. So I get to bust out my sweet crazy high heels, and my grooms-woman skills one last time!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I am overwhelmingly behind in reading y'alls  blogs, that's what happens when you take a weekend vacation and work 40 hours a week I suppose.

Life is a little busy...
 Come what may and love it, right?

Last night after I was finished working out at the gym, I walked outside to a crazy wild Texas style thunderstorm.
It was like 9:30 at night, and the sky was continuously lit up by lighting, and the rain was coming down hard. I thought there could possibly be a tornado or something because the wind was crazy. But I had just had a nice long work out and was so hot, that the cool pouring rain felt awesome. 
SO as I walked to my car in the pouring rain, I didn't care to run, I took my time. 
And then I got to my car and just stood outside in the pouring rain for a minute. I stretched out my arms and smiled, I felt like a little kid again.
Then I attempted to drive home, and the rain was coming down so hard I couldn't see what lane I was supposed to be in. As I came to a stop at the stoplight, I noticed the lightning was pretty close, and I was starting to freak out a little bit. I called my mom and told her where I was, and that I'd be home soon. As soon as I hung up, lighting came out of nowhere and struck the light post right in front of my car, and the light exploded. Then I really started freaking out. Luckily I made it home safely, but still got caught in a hail storm with little tiny pieces of hail. But still...scary.

I always thought life would be way less busy and stressful once I finished college,
 boy was I wrong

I don't think there is any part of "growing up" that gets easier.

I still have tough times, and I still experience learning lessons every single day. Those things in life will never go away no matter what we accomplish or how old we get. My stress now that I'm out of college is no longer for getting homework and doing well in school, but rather it's for taking care of myself and trying to find balance in this crazy and beautiful life. 

One of the things I'm working on in order to take care of myself is consistently working out. On that note, my kick-boxing class starts soon, so I need to go. 
Happy Wednesday bloggers!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Grooms-woman Status

I just got back on Sunday from the most wonderful weekend in Virginia. I was able to be at my best friends wedding, and it was so beautiful. I fell in love with the green landscape and country of Virginia, it seriously was so beautiful. Here's some pictures from the weekend!I was a grooms-woman and enjoyed every minute of this spectacular weekend! I hope everyone is doing great! Happy Tuesday!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

It has been a while bloggers, sorry! But I have some exciting news! Tomorrow I will be flying out to Virginia for my best friends wedding! Kelan and Kalie will be getting married for time and all eternity in the Washington D.C. temple on Saturday.  Kelan and I grew up together, and I still can't believe we're old enough for this day to be here. It seems like just yesterday we were 16 years old just trying to make it through high school.
And then before we knew it, a few years had gone by and I had just completed my first year of college. On the night that I came home for summer vacation, it was his last night in Texas before he left for his two year mission for our church in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Fast forward two more years, I had just finished my junior year of college at BYU-I, and Kelan returned home from his mission. I was there to surprise him and welcome him home in the airport.

That following fall I started my senior year of school back in Idaho, and he came up to start his first semester! It was so fun to have him up there, we had lots of fun times playing Mario cart, going to the sand dunes, and dressing up for Halloween.

Party on our way to the sand dunes.

Dying his hair black for Halloween.

And then came my final semester of college. As I graduated, Kelan and his fiancee Kalie were there to support me as I walked across that stage. They also gave my quite the graduation present.

My cap is totally about to fall off...haha.
They gave me a brand new laptop!

One more awesome thing...
Kelan asked me to be his "Best (wo)man" at his wedding.
So I will be part of the wedding party this weekend, on his side! How fun! 
It will be such a great weekend, and I am so excited to be there as Kelan takes this next big step in life.
I love Kalie, and I'm so happy to call her a friend! I also admire her for being willing to have a double wedding with her sister! That's a lot of sisterly love, I don't know if I could do that!
I hope all of you have a great weekend! I'll be posting wedding pics when I return on Sunday!

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