Monday, April 25, 2011

To Do List: Work, Skype, Smile, and Avoid Tornadoes.

 So this is what the skies have been looking like for the past few days. I snapped this picture while the tornado sirens were going off. But I wasn't the only person in the neighborhood not heeding the screaming advice coming from the sirens, every single one of my neighbors were standing outside looking up at the sky as well. I know it looks like I messed up this picture, but my house really has two parts that look the same, that's the top of my house on the very left by the way.

My days have been consisting of work all day, and when I'm not working I'm skyping. I have no idea why the next two pictures are different sizes, because I took them both the same way, oh well. The first one is of 5 friends/old roommates still up in Rexburg. Probably my favorite part of this skype session is when Anissa opened up her window to yell at Alyssa outside to come up and skype with me. The second is with Ally and her sister Maddie. Seriously so much fun.  Kelsey, I don't want you to feel left out, when we skype again, I'll get a picture of you too!

Maddie told me her sister's name is "Princess Ally", totally precious. 

Smile List for April 25th, 2011
  • Winning this giveaway.
  • Receiving random texts of love.
  • Wearing scrubs to work seriously makes me feel legit.
  • Finally getting my graduation announcements ordered.
  • Having a little bit of time to blog. I love blogging.
  • Finding good music
  • Delilah's love songs at night, haha 
  • My precious little nephew in his cute little Easter hat. K seriously isn't he the most beautiful baby ever? Yes.

Hope everyone had a great Monday!!
Thank you so much for taking time to read and follow my blog, y'all are the best!!


Molly O said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I've never been in a tornado, but it sounds scary! stay safe!

christine donee said...

yesss.... avoid tornadoes.

Anissa said...

Ha remember how people slowly started accumulating in my room because people heard your sweet voice and had to jump in to say hi!! We all miss you up here!

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