Friday, April 29, 2011

Shopping Fever

Today was a great day for many reasons...
I mean first of all, I really wish I did what all my other friends did and woke up to watch the royal wedding live.
But I didn't. I slept. And watched the wrap up of all the important stuff. 
Best part of the day though was skyping with Ally twice. First thing in the morning she called me and she had been awake for HOURS watching the wedding stuff. I was really jealous. 
But then I came home from work, and went to the mailbox.
Look what came?!?!?!!
The earrings that I won from the giveaway at *your daily dose, such a cute blog! 

 They are beautiful, and I'm wearing them now. I've been wearing them ever sense I got them. As soon as I got the package I ran in my house, called Ally up on skype, and let her watch me open up the package. Seriously love Ally. And I love skype. Being able to talk to her and my other friends everyday face to face is making my life so much easier! I love it. I got the shopping bug. I just wanted to shop all day.
So I started out with some nail polish...
(Dark-ish blue, dark purple, and turquoise)
I clearly had to get three, they were buy 2 get one free. Couldn't pass it up.

Then I went to Lifetime gym, bought myself a membership. I'm hoping that'll motivate me to go sense I'm paying for it every month. HOPING.

Next was dress shopping at the Gap for a dress to wear to my best friends wedding next weekend.
This is what I found, and purchased.
It was originally $64.95.
It was on sale for $13.99
I got it for $11.89 because I opened up a Gap card.

Last was a little stop at American Eagle.
And I fell in love with this outfit.
But it took all of my effort to walk away from it because it was a little expensive.
But I will be keeping my eye out for coupons or sales!!!

Well I better head to bed now, I'm so exhausted. I just want to say thank you to all you loyal readers! You are the best followers I could ever ask for! And I'm grateful for each and everyone of you!

Oh and Texas twang is starting to come out the more that I am here. Sometimes I just laugh at myself because I think it sounds kinda funny. K that''s it for now Y'all. GOODNIGHT!


Juliana said...

So fun! I love shopping too... and good deals! Looks like you got both today! Way to go!

A Heel in Mint said...

I slept too and I am jealous of all the people who got to see the royal wedding! Congrats on winning the earrings! And. thanks for following and commenting on my blog. I am following you back :)

Heel in Mint

chan said...

I'm in love with that gap dress. and the fact that you got it for soo cheap! And obviously we need to live next door to eachother because we both love nail polish. I need more nail polish friends.

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I LOVE everything in this post!!! The earrings, the nail polish, the dresses, everything!

ben+alex said...

melissa! love this post. those earrings are gorgeous! i love them. i am so glad you watched the royal wedding too. i was obsessed. that dress is awesome. i need to hit up the mall asap!!
oh and i am in love with your blog.

arielle @ a beautiful journey. said...

love those earrings! very pretty :)

Raven said...

cute dress! I love all things PINK!

kemp. said...

Melissa I love your fashion choices. I love your texas twang, and I love skype.

andrewtkemp1 lets skype soon. kthnxbye!

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