Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rain, Metaphorically and Literally

As of lately I have been going going going non stop.
I really thought that being a college graduate would bring a little more "me" time into my life, and that it would be a little less stressful than the college life.

I was wrong.

Once I started working last week, I have had zero time to just sit and chill, and not much time to blog which has been killing me! I am so behind! Training at work has been nice, but it's also extremely exhausting. I come home every day completely drained of all energy. But that's ok, I know soon I will get the hang of things and hopefully it won't be as stressful. ALSO...my lovely 1990 Toyota corolla has been giving me some serious issues. After way too many trips to the local automobile part store, and more money than wanted spent fixing it up, as of this morning it is ready to drive safely and legally. Haha.

Today at work, we got a random hail storm. The tornado sirens started going off, and there was golf ball size hail falling from the sky. This is the second hail storm we've had this week. I think hail is freaky. Especially when it's 90 degrees outside. Welcome to Texas tornado season!

One last note. I love the rain. I'm that girl that will run around and play in the rain even if I have to do it alone. This last week, in my own life, there has metaphorically been a lot of rain just a falling on down. I've found that when I try to dance in the rain of "life", things usually go a lot better for me. Like the saying goes, "If life were easy, It wouldn't be hard."-Sherry Dew. There's always something we can learn from the rain. Find out what it is for you.

One more last note. I bought my first two pieces of the Texas OPI collection! They are called "Big hair, big nails" and "Don't mess with OPI". I love them. One is orangish/coralish and the other is green. I love them. And I plan on buying more as the summer goes on because I just can't get over how funny some of the names are.

Hope everyone is doing great! To my dear Rexburg friends, I miss you more than you know! Everyday of post-college life is oh so sad to me because I am not with y'all. SO thank y'all for being the great friends that you are and I look forward to being friends for the rest of our lives!!! Love you ALL!!!!

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KC said...

Awesome! I named both of the lacquers. :)

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