Monday, March 21, 2011

Let The Good Times Roll.

You may remember this photo...
It was the view out my window as I sat at my desk about 3 months ago.

I literally could not see over the snow mound,

And felt like I lived in an igloo.

Here's what it looks like today.

Pretty much all the snow is melted away.

And once again, I can see the parking lot,

And I no longer live in an igloo.

The thought of never playing in the snow outside of my apartment is a little sad because we really did have so much fun but you know what, it's ok because the thoughts of a warm sunny summer in Texas is on my mind now, and that beats all fun in the snow.

This weekend was birthday weekend for me, Kelsey, and like a million others. There are lots of march babies up here at the moment! It was quite the weekend full of fun, laughter, and smiles.

I feel truly blessed for all of the wonderful friends that I have been able to meet this semester. I have met so many amazing people who really make me happy everyday.

Graduation is quickly approaching, 19 days! And as exciting as that is, I've found myself getting a little bit sad because I really will miss Rexburg. I mean don't get me wrong, I won't really miss walking to school in terrible blizzards, and negative 40 degree temperatures, but I will miss the social atmosphere, and making so many wonderful friends that share the share my beliefs and continually lift me through their examples.

So let the good times roll, truly enjoy each day that you get wherever you are.

Our life is really a gift and we shouldn't let it pass us by without enjoying every day.

So smile lots, laugh often, and love always.


meremorphy said...

i cant believe that crazy!! i am excited for you to graduate and it gives me hope that i will soon graduate, but i do hate that feeling of being sad about the social life, i do miss rexburg for that reason...COME BACK AND VISIT!

Jen said...

I'm excited that you are graduating! That is very cool.
I still miss Rexburg despite the freezing winters. There is just a special feeling and spirit there that cannot be matched in other parts of the world. It's like being at EFY for weeks on end.
I hope your move and transition goes well.
Love you

MJonas_ said...

your blog is very cute!!

if you want you'll be my follower!!:)

SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...

oh my gosh! it really DID look like you lived in an igloo! pretty sweet if you ask me. :) but i'm glad warm weather is on it's way to where you live! we've been getting bits and pieces of the sun here in seattle, and it feels so nice!

i really enjoyed reading the last paragraph of this post! it definitely brightened my day.


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