Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Believe In Miracles

I've never had an biological older sister, but the mom in these pictures is someone that I look up to as an older sister.
Brooke Cates has been a huge role model to me and one of my very best friends for a long time now. She always told me I was her little sister.
On February 27th, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Hudson Cates. Hudson came about 4 weeks early, and was diagnosed with Hypoplastic left heart syndrome two weeks before he was born. He was to have 3 heart surgeries, the first being only a few days after his birth. It's been a long and hard road for the Cates family, but Hudson is still going strong.

Brooke and her husband Ryan have been updating friends and family on a website through Children's Hospital in Dallas. I've been keeping up daily, and it's been a long road of many MANY up's and downs. In the pictures above, you see Brooke and Ryan together holding Hudson. That was about a week after his birth and it was the fist time they were allowed to hold him. It was also the night before his first heart surgery. The last two pictures are of Hudson after his surgery. You can see stitches down his chest, but his beautiful eyes are finally open and he is doing really well today compared to the last week. Every day has been a huge blessing.

I know that God is blessing Hudson to be strong, as well as his family. He is still nowhere near being able to go home, and there lies a long road ahead, but I know that little Hudson will be ok. Everyday has been a miracle, so yes, I do still believe in miracles. In fact I pray for them daily. I know that Hudson is a miracle and we are so blessed to have so many wonderfully skilled doctors and nurses taking care of him. I can't wait to get back to Texas to meet my new little nephew.


Heather Lynne said...

He's absolutely beautiful! Those little stitches are heartbreaking though. What a little trooper!

SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...

What a strong little guy! He and his family will be in my thoughts and prayers. I wish them all the best!



Melissa Stevens said...

Thank you so much SSDS!
You are so sweet.

meremorphy said...

oh my word!! that poor family, they must be feeling so lucky and confused all at once....they sure look like a beautiful family...so glad we have the knowledge we have to be thankful for nurses and doctors. so thankful for miracles!

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