Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Why do I feel like I have writer's block, or blogging block? I just really don't know what to write.
Why do I still have NO idea where I will be living in two months? That's a problem.
Why do my roommates tease me for riding my scooter around the apartment to each of their rooms?
Why do I feel the need to sleep ALL the time?
Why do I live in a place where I consider 40 degrees to be a heavenly temperature?
Why have I lost all motivation to do anything related to school?
Why do I feel like this semester is just flying by?
Why did I justify EVERYTHING yesterday with "oh it's valentines day, it's fine."?
Why can't I sleep without sleeping spray?
Why am I craving running right now? Give me those endorphins.
Why haven't I eaten dinner yet? It's 9:18 p.m.
Why am I two weeks behind on Gossip Girl?

Who even knows.
All I know is, I should probably stop asking so many "why" questions.
So here are some things I am sure of.

I do love Rexburg, and today's epic warm weather.
I do feel so grateful for my life.
I do love Country music.
I do know that the Church is absolutely true.
I do feel super lucky to have so many amazing friends all over the place.
I do love chocolate.
I do admit to being one of those crazy prideful Texans, don't mess.
I do look forward to one day, not being single on Valentines Day.
I do realise that I am so lucky to be at this school.
I do love living right across the street from the temple.
I do love the song "My Shepherd will Supply my Need."
I do plan on going for a run immediately.
I am happy, because I really have a great life :)

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Yours Truly said...

this is a cute post! I am behind on GG too. I feel like I am betraying Blair of something. and being in a church environment while going to school is the BEST thing to ever happen. It was like EFY every day, but with more freedom. Haha.

You'll figure out your life soon, I know it :)

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