Thursday, January 27, 2011

Random Thoughts Of The Day.

We just got back from the gym, so my brain is refreshed and clear, clearly the perfect time to blog! My roommates and I have been pretty faithful about going and working out everyday together, I love that they go because it gives me motivation to go. And in going, I get to take out every frustration of the day on the treadmill, and its just awesome.

But we learned a lesson today, DON'T SKIP A WORKOUT!

We didn't go yesterday because I was on a super fun group date that you can read about here! So we all went together tonight, and got our butts kicked. Seriously.

The other night we came home, and Channing showed us a new stretch.....

..haha she calls it the cheerleader stretch.

And that would be me over there hidden in corner.


Tonight I was walking home from the library, and it was dark. Usually I try to avoid walking in the dark in the winter due to the ice and freezing weather, but tonight it couldn't be avoided. Fortunately it wasn't too terribly cold outside. I walked by the Taylor building and it was all lit up...clearly this pic is old because now the ground is covered in snow.

And my mind took me back to one night during my very first semester of college, when I lived in the lovely dorms. Haha, it was about 4 years ago now. But that night I seemed to be having a mid-life crisis. Or at least what a typical 18 year old girl would consider a mid-life crisis. Right behind that wall of the building is a nice little chapel. My dorm was literally a one-minute walk from this building, and I remember coming and sitting in this chapel one night trying to find some answers and some comfort.

It will be a night that I will never forget, these words came to my mind:

"Melissa, draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you."

Even though it was 4 years ago, that memory still is so vividly clear in my mind.

Also as I got closer to home, I saw this:

This picture was taken by my Humanities/Book of Mormon professor, Brother Rick Davis my freshman year, and he kindly emailed it to us.
I love it.

Seeing this at night, all lit up at the top of the hill, always makes my heart melt a little bit.

Let me end with a few highlights from my day:

  • Ally running out of her apartment with a pan of burning chicken, resulting in the whole parking lot smelling like chicken. Hahaha, I love you Ally, and your cooking skills.
  • Alyssa voice texting me and calling me a name I won't repeat, in a joking matter of course.
  • Library parties with Kelsey and Ally.
  • Coming home from school, to a wonderful, home-made piece of cake, Yum.

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AllyM said...

what can I say? I'm at cooking.

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