Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Me=Mom of the apartment

Last night I took my roommates out for a night on the town....aka...the new and improved BYU-Idaho Gym.
It was fun to act as the trainer for them as I showed them how to use the machines, and how to fill up their water bottles in the cool new water fountains, haha.

Fact- I am the oldest and shortest roommate of this apartment, so that clearly makes me mom.

So we came home in better moods than we were when we left due to those lovely endorphins. And we sat around the table, all 6 of us, which is a first for this group of roomies. We got to talking somehow about how we were inspired this last Sunday at church to start having roommate prayer at night. So...last night we started doing that.

Then, I started acting like a real mom when I brought out my One-A-Day women's vitamins, one for each of my roommates and I.

Well it's time to go the gym again, the roommates are ready.


Anonymous said...


Marla Borchardt said...


AllyM said...

did my talk inspire you to do roommate prayer?

Melissa Stevens said...

Why yes it did Ally! Way to set an example.

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