Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Last First Day of School!!!

You can't really see, but the sign says something along the lines of "today is my last first day of school!" Can't believe the day is finally here. I'm a big kid now. I took it by the Clarke building sign because my major is Health Science which puts the majority of my classes in the Clarke building. So pretty much, we go way back.

STeph, you can't really see my real outfit cuz I'm wearing that coat (sorry, but dude it was FREEZING!).

Now I must sleep, I need to fix my sleeping schedule because it is jacked.

Also, turns out I know 10 months ahead of time exactly what I'm going to be for Halloween. As Steph would put it, "You're going to be my dog." Thank you. Hahahahahaha. I'm going to be a dalmatian puppy, one of the 101. Steph is going to be Cruella Deville, and I get to be one of the pour puppy's. Now I just need to pick a name. Hahaha. OK goodnight's clearly past my bedtime.


Yours Truly said...

OMG. HAHAHA funniest thing EVER. You have 10 months to choose one of those 101 names. Personally, I liked Gobstopper or Little Dipper (fits you!).

And you are almost done. Such a NICE yet CLUELESS feeling.

Forget Alaska. Just move to SLC with me.

Manda said...

yay for the first last day of school!!!!

Kelsey said...

i love this pic. i need to post mine still. bahahh

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