Monday, January 17, 2011

If You've Got It, Flaunt It!!!

Best Movie/Soundtrack -Country Strong. Seriously, watch it, then get the soundtrack.

Meet my really awesome friend Stephanie...She reads through dictionaries at Thrift Stores, and I look for Grey's Anatomy Trivia games. Best $1.06 I've ever spent.

She was kind enough to let me come spend the long weekend with her in Spokane, Washington!!! It was so much fun, I'd never been there before, so she took me to all the sites to see. It was such a fun weekend. Here are some new found things that I learned about Steph this weekend...
  • Steph spills all the best details of her life while going through a car wash. Seriously, best conversation. Hahaha
  • Sunday's consist of eating so much food that you think you're going to explode, and then passing out for a "20 minute nap" on the couch, in front of the best reality shows, and waking up 3 hours later. hahaha.
  • Upon waking up, you are still so full from the wonderful home cooked meal, thanks to Steph's mom. There is only way to deal with this overwhelming feeling of fullness, a walk around the block, in the dark is REQUIRED. (beware of creepy, tail-less cat and the huge tumbleweed)
  • Steph is a little jumpy, I scared her literally every time I walked by her bedroom, and she screamed..every time. Her dad and the creepy cat from above made her scream too, epic.
  • Steph and I are way more alike than I thought we were. I can't count how many times I said "Oh my gosh I'm the same way!".
  • Steph REALLY has a thing for Disney movies and music. Especially, Finding Nemo. That's all I'm going to say about that. ;)
  • Steph is an early bird, she goes to bed early and wakes up early. WELL...I'm the COMPLETE opposite. So I seriously threw her sleeping schedule off...a lot...this weekend. Sorry bout that...haha.
  • Steph has a thing for Cowboys and country music, just like me.
  • Steph is very proud of her Fur coat. I'm actually really jealous of it. She told me she'd rather have one than help out the poor kids in Africa. Hahahaha, but I'm pretty sure that comment was due to her tiredness from ME keeping her up too late.
  • And last but not least, Steph is one of the kindest, generous, caring, and sincere individuals I have ever met. And I'm so grateful to be able to call her a friend and to have spent this weekend with her and her amazing family. Thanks Steph :)

Sonic samples, Grape cream slush's! Gotta love Happy Hour!!

1 comment:

Yours Truly said...

If you got it, flaunt it IS RIGHT.
Such a fun weekend.
Haha. SO glad you wrote these little things down.
Oh me and car washes.
And I want SONIC right now!!!
THanks for coming!!!!
I had a lot of fun :)
but we didn'y take enough pics :(
Love you!

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