Wednesday, January 19, 2011

>3 months

Today I had a realization.
Well not really a realization, because I'm very aware of it, but a reminder.

I was sitting in my Drugs class when my teacher started talking about stuff he was going to change for his classes starting next semester, then it was if a light bulb went off right above me. Duh Melissa, it doesn't affect you because hello you won't be here next semester. Because you are GRADUATING in like....less than 3 months. Freaky.

The thought that I'm actually not going to be returning to Rexburg is so awesome, but will take some getting used to.

I had an interview for a job in Alaska for the summer, and I'm scheduled to have a second interview very soon. I'm pretty excited for that so hopefully it happens! But that is as far into the "planning the rest of my life" that I've done. I'm OK with not having any for sure plans right now, because I know that everything that is supposed to happen will.

My roommate came home from her long weekend with a neck full of hickeys, hahaha. I don't even know her very well yet, but that couldn't keep me from calling her out on it in front of everyone at the kitchen table. Hahaha, can you say word vomit?! It just came out. Lucky for me, she just laughed. Ally came over not too long after I discovered the hickeys, and she was talking to all the roommates the table, I tried to very slyly get Allys attention and point out the hickeys while my roommates head was down. Hahaha, all the sudden, "Yes Melissa, thank you for showing Ally my hickeys."

Caught. Oh well...she got show and tell time with her RS pres and the roomies. Hahahaha.
And I just walked into the vanity to find my roommate holding an ice cold spoon to her neck, all she said was "THEY WON'T GO AWAY!!!" hahaha.

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