Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Time to Reflect.

The year is winding down to an end very very soon. And as a new year is just around the corner, I can not help but take time to reflect on this year that has come and gone very quickly it seems. I was just talking with a friend yesterday about how interesting it is to think about how the year has changed us, and all the big and little events that happened to change our lives.

Today I went to a ward Christmas musical event that was held at a member of our bishoprics house. It is a home where we have had many wonderful ward activities this year. As I sat there tonight and socialized with the amazing people in my ward during this Christmas season, my mind drifted off to the memories from earlier this summer, when we had pool parties there every Wednesday night all summer. And then my mind really started to think.

I started to think back on how afraid I was to move back to Texas, mainly because the thought of starting over and making new friends terrified me. But tonight I was amazed as I was surrounded by so many of my close friends who were all strangers to me in April. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and love for them when I think of the new friendships that I have formed in this last year.

I remember thinking before I moved back that I would never be able to find a group of friends that shared my religion and standards like my friends up at school did. I was proven wrong. By getting involved in my singles ward, I have met so many wonderful people who are amazing examples to me. One of the many blessings this gospel has brought to me is the incredible amount of friendships that have come because of this common link we share. It is truly a blessing to associate with so many people that lift me up and lead me by their good example. I could go on and on. But the moral of this story is, 2011 was good to me by placing so many wonderful people in my life. I am so lucky.

I am constantly amazed at how our stories play out, and how we end up becoming a part of each other's stories. Have you taken time to reflect on those that came into your life this year? Do it.

Ally and Kelsey, words can not express how thankful I am for our friendships that grew throughout this year. I love you both :)

Goodnight to all!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Reason for the Season.

I really do love Sunday's. It's the one day of the week where I can really sit down and think about maybe possibly doing a blog post. So here I am sitting in my room, in my big bean bag, listening to the strange rain storm that's going on right now. It was just hailing a few minutes ago. Freaky and out of context for this month. But I'd much rather enjoy this cooler weather than try to survive the unbearable heat wave that I experienced this summer. That was rough.

So pretty much I love the Christmas season. It's for sure my favorite time of the year. Everyone is happy, and nice to each other, and everywhere you look there are Christmas lights and decorations. Tonight was the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional, and it was amazing. I was overwhelmed with the messages taught of the importance of the meaning of the season. The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of Christ. It is all too easy and often that we tend to forget that as we get caught up in the shopping, and cooking, and running around getting all those last minute holiday things done. To read or watch the messages that were shared, you can go here.

I had the opportunity to be a host for a nativity that my church put on for the community. It was amazing to see so many nativities and Christmas decorations fill the gym of our church building. When I was hosting, I walked around for about 2 hours making sure that no kids managed to break anything, and also to answer any questions that the people walking through may have. There were over 700 nativities, and let me tell you, to say it was beautiful would be an understatement. I was beyond impressed by the beauty of it. And it was truly a treat to be able to walk through and see all the nativities. As I walked around I had lots of time to think about the birth of Christ and the amazing miracle that it was. It really is an amazing story that I think a lot of us, including myself, seem to put in the back of our minds during Christmas time.

Anyways. I hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying the holiday season! My bed is calling my name. Have a great week! And don't forget to remember the reason for the season!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

This weekend was quite an eventful weekend. I participated in the black Friday madness and shopped from midnight to 7 am. My sleeping schedule is still a little but off but I must say it was worth it. Seriously, I love it when everything is on sale. I'm a bargain shopper so I couldn't pass this day up. I look forward to the day when I have kids to shop for so I can be part of the madness at toys r us! Haha. Call me crazy.

Sunday my car got towed from my own apartment complex. Just because I was trying to be kind and not tow the car that had been parked in my spot for two days, I'm the one that got screwed and my car got towed. I spent 263 dollars that night to get it back. It was an extremely frustrating experience, and even though it was awful, I was reminded of the many things I have to be grateful for. Some of which are...
-the full time job I have, seriously I am blessed.
-the "rainy day money" I have saved for things like this.
-the Christmas season. Christmas scented candles and Christmas music can make any day better.
-the amazing people in my life. It amazes me how lucky I am to have so many great examples and friends in my life. I have continued to make several new friends as the months had gone by with me living back in Texas, and they are truly amazing to me.

I've been inspired by a friend to start being better at journaling. It's so much easier and less overwhelming to journal when you do it every day or every other day. One day someone will be interested in my life, even though it seems pretty boring at times to me. Haha.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Rest of the week. Drink lots of hot chocolate, enjoy that Christmas music, and count your blessings everyday.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mid November and 75 Degrees?! Yes.

Hello bloggers! Im coming to you live from Dallas Texas where it's November 15th, but the high for today is a beautiful 75 degrees!! Seriously, fall is my favorite time of the year here. It's beautiful, warm but not hot, the leaves are changing colors,and there is NO snow. After living in Idaho for the past four falls, it's kind of nice to experience a nice Texas fall again. Although, I won't lie, sometimes in those few days at school before coming home for Christmas, it was nice to see the snow for the holidays. But I've seen enough snow to last me um...forever I think. So ya, to those of you in Idaho or Utah or anywhere cold, I lend you an invite to come visit me! Haha.

This week has some great things in store! First of all, Breaking Dawn comes out on Thursday night at midnight and you better believe I'll be at that midnight showing with the ladies. Work the next morning will be rough, but it's worth it.
Also the hunger games trailer came out yesterday I believe and it made me soooo excited to see it!! Even better, that movie comes out on my birthday week. Holllaa.

Well I better get back to work! Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's the Most Beautiful Time of the Year...

Justin Biebers Christmas song called 'Mistletoe' is stuck in my head, hence the title of this post.

It's a rainy day in Texas today, and I love it. After the horrendous summer of deathly heat it is beyond refreshing to have the cool fall weather here at last.

It's also slightly wonderful that the weather is so great here, when The last for years have been nothing but freezing and snowy weather in Idaho. Fall is Texas is awesome.

So I'm blogging while at work before I get slammed with patients here in a few minutes.

I'll leave you with a smile list, it's been a while!
-making amazing new friends.
-Justin Bieber's Christmas album.
-makin my roommates listen to the album in my car even though they don't like JB, only to find out they had the song stuck in their head all the next day at work! Yes!
-holiday season is here!!!
-Genuine friends.
-letters from brazil

Well. I gotta get back to working. Have a wonderful Tuesday and smile lots!
Ps I'm working on this pinterest project because I just think its so cute.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Vacation is Necessary.

It's been a while. But life has treated me well the last few weeks. I had the amazing opportunity to go on another vacation to Rexburg Idaho to visit some much missed friends. It's weird that I keep vacationing to Rexburg. It's not a place most people in the world would put on their list of top places to go on vacation. I was able to make it vacation #3 with Ally  this year, and having three vacations with her between April and now is pretty awesome if you ask me. It was like taking a breath of fresh air being able to visit my friends up there.

Before I left for Rexburg I felt like my life was super busy, and I hadn't had any time to just sit back and relax. I remember finally getting through security at the DFW airport last Wednesday getting ready to board my flight to Salt Lake City and it was in that moment as I took my seat at the gate that it finally hit me that I was leaving on a vacation. I took a deep breath of relief and relaxation. Isn't it crazy how sometimes life is dragging us around by our busy schedules? That's how I felt. I had 5 days of no work and all play with some of my greatest friends, and it was the perfect way to spend my vacation.

While I was in Rexburg, I was reminded of the person that I became as a result of living there for four years. Living there and getting my education at Brigham Young University-Idaho changed my life for the better. From the moment I stepped off the plane in Utah, and during the four hour drive to Idaho I was overwhelmed with the memories that took place during my time up there. The person I am today is a direct reflection of the variety of experiences that took place in my life during those years. The thoughts of the many friends that came into my life up there is amazing to me, because so many of those friends are continuing to bless my life everyday. I felt a sense of humility and gratitude come over me those five days as I reflected on the memories that come whenever I visit Rexburg. I was so blessed to go to a school that helped me grow in my faith and allowed me to meet so many wonderful people who taught me what it is to be a friend. I will forever cherish the memories made there. Being there again reminded me of the person that I became at that school, and made me realize that I have become so busy with life here that I had lost sight of that person that I became there. So thank you Rexburg for helping me get back into my groove again. And thank you to my amazing friends that I got to see up there. Ally, Dan, Kara, Chanel, Blaine, Kelli, Mark, Kelan, Alyssa, Mariah, Carly, Marla, Melissa, Micheal, Scott, Gary?!, and the list goes on and on.

Onto other things. Have I mentioned that I just really love my white Iphone?! I don't think I have. I got it in June and I love it more and more everyday. It can do anything and everything. This week I downloaded a podcast of the conference sessions, a whole session at a time. I have had the amazing opportunity to listen to them as I drive around in the car everyday. I am amazed at the messages and how much I still get out of them even though I've already heard them. And I am also amazed at the technology that allows me to listen to them in my car. Also, I downloaded some workout apps that are just so cool. My Iphone makes staying in shape so much easier.

I hope everyone has an amazing week this week! Take on Monday! Happy Halloween Eve!!!

And remember. Happiness is a choice.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wordy Blog Posts=Inspiration for the Author

So I feel like I used to be somewhat decent at writing out my feelings into these blog posts. I remember several times reading over what I had written and feel like, "Yeah, that's good.". I know you all have experienced this for your own blog posts once or twice, or even every time. Well. I haven't felt that with many of my recent blog posts. I'm hoping that by the time I'm done writing this one, maybe just maybe I'll love this post and be proud to push that post button.

Maybe this will be a super wordy post, I hope you're ok with that.

So yesterday my really great friend Arianna was sealed in the temple to her husband. It was a beautiful day for a beautiful event. Arianna is my best friend Kelan's little sister. She and I grew up together and have become pretty close in these last several years. It was a special day to see her marry her husband for all eternity, I am so happy for her and her family :) They got sealed in the Dallas temple, so all of her family came to dallas for the weekend! Do you know what this means?! It means Kelan came into town!!! YAY!!! Actually the whole Larkin family was here, and it was a blast because I love every single one of them oh so much. It was truly a treat to see them all. You've all heard me talk about Kelan and Tyler lots, the three of us have been best friends for a long time. And it's not too often that we all are reunited these days. But this weekend, we finally were all together again. You know what that means!!!

It has become a tradition to retake this picture every time the three of us are together. 
The first one was taken in 2005 at Main Event while we were all at a church activity in high school.
The pose was completely random, but it was the start of something great. 
I have numerous pictures of us trying to perfect the first pose, but this one pictured second here is the only re-take picture that is actually right in the same spot we took this picture six years ago. 
How awesome is that. Also. It is so weird to think about how the last six years have changed for all three of us.
I could go on and on with that list, but I'll refrain, because it may only be exciting to me. 
The one thing that has remained the same the strong bond that holds this friendship of three together. 
I had a good chat with Kelan about this yesterday. We talked about how awesome it is to be able to trust that  even though we may not all be in the same state, or we may not talk as much as we'd like, how nice is it to know that we can trust that our friendship is solid. It's not going anywhere, and that we all care about each other so much and nothing will ever change that. Being able to actually have the trust in that is amazing. Find friends like that, because seriously they rock.

Anyways. There has been some thoughts running through my head for a while. I'm about to get all spiritual and churchy on y'all.  Ever heard the phrase, Faith without works is dead? I have. Plenty of times. Probably my whole life. But I feel it isn't until now that I'm fully starting to understand how this statement applies to my life. I have been hearing it a lot lately, in my head, at church, in every quote I see. It's like, hmm, there is probably some huge big life lesson that I'm supposed to be getting at. SO I hope you enjoy getting to hear about it. 

I've noticed myself thinking a lot lately, oh I should do this, or I should read that, or I should be better at this or that. I'm talking more about the spiritual side of my life: Personal goals, the person I want to be, the person I need to be, spiritual goals and desires, all of the above. Lots and lots of thoughts. But my personal faith is dead without action on any of these thoughts. Maybe these thoughts are there for a reason, and need to be acted upon. I know that they do actually. And I know that a huge reason that I don't act on many of these spiritual thoughts or promptings is because, well, i'll admit it, i'm super lazy. That's a terrible excuse. But I think it's safe to say that I'm not alone in this problem. Sometimes it's the smallest most simplest things I'm lazy about. But you know what they say. By small and simple things are great things brought to pass. This is so true. My entire day can be completely turned around for the better when I take the time for the small and simple spiritual endeavors.

So, like I said before, I have been hearing and reading a lot about the relationship between faith and action lately. I think it's a sign or something, haha. But in all seriousness, I do not want my faith to be dead because I was too lazy to act upon those things that can help it grow. That thought is devastating, but also very motivating to me.

The Lord has a funny way of letting us know when we need to change or when we need to act. It may be a quiet whisper into your thoughts that you brush aside for a while. But then those thoughts don't really go away, they just keep coming back. He knows us, and He knows how to get through to us. The real question is, are we willing to give up our laziness in order to build our faith by turning to Him? I hope so. I know that I have had many moments or time periods of spiritual laziness, but it is my goal and desire to put forth a greater effort to act upon inspiration and allow my faith to grow.

I know that this probably wasn't the most exciting blog post for y'all to read, but I feel like it was most helpful to me. Maybe if i'm a little lucky, someone out there will find this a tad bit inspirational.
It's late, and tomorrow is a Monday, soooo I should sleep. Have a great week everyone!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rain Storms and the Texas State Fair

As I write this post, it is raining outside. Finally. We got quite the storm tonight, after what feels like years without rain, we finally got a downpour that has been long awaited. I loveeeee Texas thunderstorms. Always a treat.

So for the past several months I have been suffering from some serious jaw pain. I had come to the conclusion that it was due to TMJ problems and so I've been trying to treat it with some natural supplements that are supposed to help. Well. After buying a mouth guard out of desperation and pain, I found out it was just making the problem worse. I then got even more desperate and called my dentist, who referred me to a TMJ specialist. I called them...and they basically told me it would cost a fortune to get in. SO. I talked to the chiropractor I work for and she examined my jaw and told me that my jaw was out of place and that it was something we could treat for free at the clinic I work at. How convenient right?! Right. I am so happy. Although today, my jaw is KILLING me, and right now it's hurting more than it has all day. It aches so bad that I have a headache. They say this pain is made even worse with stress. Well. That is so true. Today I'd say was one of the most stressful days I've had in a while. And while I'm pretty good at hiding my stress, your body knows when you're stressed no matter how hard you try to hide it from others and yourself. 

There are two events coming up starting this weekend that I am super excited for. 
1. General Conference. It started off with a bang last weekend with the General Relief Society Broadcast, and it was super amazing. I am so excited to listen to the talks this weekend, I have no doubt they will be anything short of incredible, inspirational, and memorable. 
2. The Texas State Fair!!!! I love the fair! I haven't been able to go for the last four years because I've been away at school. I remember going every year starting at a very young age all the way up to my high school years. There is lots of great fried food, great shows, and fun things to do. I will be riding the big Texas Star Ferris wheel this year for the first time, and I couldn't be more excited. I love the Texas State Fair website, because it's had a countdown to the fair all the way down to the second. I will not apologize for the Texas pride, you should probably just get used to it :)

All the fried food you can imagine..

And of course, Bix Tex always there to greet you in his new outfits every year...

Happy weekend everyone! Enjoy it! Smile lots, go out there and make today the best day of your life. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

First Day of Fall

It's 7:00 in the morning, and I just got back from an early morning bike ride with my friend Erica. A few weeks ago we made a spontaneous decision to buy the cheapest walmart bikes we could find.
I think it was a pretty great decision. Now I'm up, and it doesn't make sense to go back to sleep before work, so I get to have some sort of productive morning.

So here I am blogging. I think that's productive.
Today is the first day of fall, and it's currently 50 degrees. I was cold riding my bike this morning, at first. That's insane. I never thought this day would come. I just can't wait to get off work so I can swing by my mom's house and watch the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy. It was rough not being able to watch it last night while Ally went on and on about how amazing and crazy it was. Thank you Ally.
I'm going to see Maroon 5 and Train in concert tonight with some friends, I'm sooooooo excited. Cool weather, lawn seats to the concert, good friends, couldn't really ask for a better time! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!
Remember to Live the life you love, and love the life you live.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week Review.

Today I made the mistake of taking a Sunday nap at about 6 o clock this evening. I forced myself to get out of bed around 7:30. And so now here it is midnight, when I surely should be sleeping, but I'm wide awake.

This week had its ups and downs just like every week does, but it ended on a great note. Sunday's are always my favorite day of the week, and today was another spectacular Sunday. I belong to a really great singles ward, and every week is another three hour block full of uplifting talks and lessons by so many ward members that I really look up to. But it's not just on Sunday's when I have the opportunity to be taught by my ward  members. It's Monday night family home evening group discussions, ward temple trips, Thursday night institute, and weekend activities. 

This week was especially uplifting. It started with another amazing discussion among my fantastic home evening group. We have a comfortable sized group, and I look forward to every lesson because we really get into it and learn from each other. It's really a great way to start the week off. 

Wednesday was probably my most productive day. I woke up at 5:15 in the morning to go on a bike ride with my friend Erica, and then as soon as I got home at about 6:00, I got dressed and took off for the Dallas temple. It was ward temple day, and I was able to go to a baptism session at 7:00 before work. We had a small little group there that morning, and it was a neat experience, I was very grateful for the opportunity to be in the temple with so many wonderful examples and friends. I left after our session to get to work at 9:00, and then went through the long work day. When I got off work that night, there was another baptism session at 8:00, so I drove down again to end the day with that. It once again was a very uplifting experience. As I walked in, I saw many of my friends that had been there with me earlier that morning, they had been there all day.

 I am constantly amazed and grateful for the friends I am making here, they are continually teaching me by their good examples and positive attitudes. When I first moved back here in April, I never thought I'd see the day when I would develop deep friendships with anyone in my singles ward. I'm so happy to say that day is here, and I'm so grateful for it. I've been feeling very blessed lately, because I have been blessed to have so many great friends that are all over the country. I have so many people that I know I can turn to for anything, and that's so awesome. It is my hope that I can be the kind of friend and example to my friends that so many of them are to me. 

I hope all of you go out into the world this week, and make it the best week of your life.
 Live the life you love, and love the life you live. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Brought to you Courtesy of the Red White and Blue

This last week has been a pretty great week. I swear everyday, I'll get the thought in my head like  "Oh I need to blog about this day!", and then I always forget to do so, and the thoughts of my day go away forever. That's why they tell you it's so important to journal. Well now days, it's important to blog.

Anyways, today was a pretty great day in my book. It was Sunday, which is always one of my favorite days of the week, but it was also the tenth anniversary of the attacks of September 11th, 2001. It was a day of remembrance and gratitude. As I looked back on my vivid memories of that day, I could not help but be overcome by emotion again. I felt severe sorrow for those that lost family members and loved ones, and I remembered the unity of our great country after that. I am truly grateful and proud to be an American. I'm grateful for those people who have sacrificed their lives to serve and protect our country, it is my hope that they will always be remembered, and never forgotten. I am continually grateful and appreciative of all of those service men and women who sacrifice so much to protect our freedom.

Let us never forget that our freedom is a blessing.
Let us never forget those who lost their lives for our safety.
Let us never forget the events of 9/11.

Today as I was driving home from church, this song came on the radio. Love it. 

I turned up the radio, and started to sing along. I came to a stop at a red light, and still singing along I turned to the car next to me to see the driver proudly singing along to the same song. It was a great moment.

I leave you on that note. God bless the U.S.A.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Love the Life you Live, Live the Life you Love.

I feel like I never blog anymore, but the truth is I have been busy out there living my life and haven't had any time to blog. SO here I am now, at 11:00 pm finally getting around to this. My life has been pretty great since I last wrote. I took a little road trip down to Houston to visit with my friends Ally and Dan. They happen to be dating, and are just the cutest little couple that ever existed! We all met up at school in Idaho, and we are all from different parts of Texas, so it was fun to all be reunited in our most favorite state!

I spent about 24 hours with them, it was so much fun. It was my first time in Houston, and I can honestly say I don't think I could EVER live there. It's just way too humid for my taste.  I woke up and left Dallas at 6 am on Saturday so that I could spend the day with them. It was a 5 hour drive down to Houston, and then I stayed until early Sunday afternoon. Every minute we had was filled with fun, laughter, and good memories.

I am so grateful to have friends like Ally and Dan. I do miss them, but I wasn't sad as I drove back to Dallas because I know they are the types of friends that don't just stop talking to you because you're not in the same state or town anymore. Our friendships have only grown closer in this summer that we've been apart, thank you technology.

So in the ten hours of "alone time" I had of driving in between here and there, I had lots of time just think. I thought about it all. I thought a lot about my life, and where I am now, where I want to be, and the friendships I've made. I was filled with gratitude for my life. I have really been blessed. I have a wonderful job, I have amazing friends from school that you are all probably tired of me talking about, but let's be real, they are the best of the best, and I have amazing friends here in Dallas that I've gotten to know better as this summer has come and gone.

I can finally say that I feel at home here, and I am enjoying life in Texas. 

Of course I still miss Idaho, and my college friends, but I am so grateful to finally be enjoying what life has to offer me here in the greatest state ever. I think for so much of this summer I have been so afraid to move on in life and make the transition from "college life" to "real life". I'm not so afraid anymore. I am excited. I move into my new apartment in two days, and that is kind of a big deal. Today I realized that my days of living at home, in the house I grew up in, are over. I'm a big kid now, and will most likely never live under the same roof as my mother. That idea is freaky. This is a big change! But I feel like it's a good change.

One quote that has been on mind lots lately is this, "Love the life you live, live the life you love.". Isn't that quote great?! I need it to be framed and hanging in my new bedroom like asap. Your life is a gift, each day is a gift really. Don't hate the gift you've been blessed with, love it. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let's Be Real. I Don't Do Fake.

I've read lots of inspirational blogs this week. And I would love to post one as well. But I feel like all inspiration I  had to write was written into a talk I gave in church on Sunday. The talk I was assigned to speak on was called "Hope", you can read it here. It's a really great talk. And I was super nervous to give the talk, but it ended up going really well. Well, maybe that was just in my head. Either way, I was personally inspired by that talk and it gave me a lot to think about last week, and this week.

Here's something fun that happened this weekend...

Two of my friends in the singles ward got married, and they had a really cute reception. They had a photo booth and it was just way too much fun. I think maybe one day I'd love to have one at my reception. If that day ever comes. Until then, I'll have fun partying it up at everyone else's receptions!

There is a few exciting going on in my life these days! First of all, move in date to the new apartment is next Saturday! I'm so excited! ALSO, I'm headed to Houston this weekend to visit with Ally and her boo Dan. I'm so so so SO excited!

Tonight my brain is tired, so I think I will end this. My words of wisdom for tonight are this. Be you. Show your true colors. It is only hurtful to you and everyone around you when you try to be anyone or anything other than you. Don't be fake. Be real. Most people can tell the difference.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Heat Wave.

I really struggle these days with blogging. I think mostly it's because I've seemed to lose all this "extra" time that I was sure I'd have once I graduated. Ya, actually I didn't lose it, I never found it. I've been busy, busy, busy ever since I came home from school. BUT I have once rather large announcement!!!! Are you ready?! drum-roll please!!!!!!




I just thought that since everyone else that I know is getting married, that y'all might believe I was too. Hahaha, not to worry. I'm still queen of all the single ladies, hollaaaaa. But now to the real and honest good announcement that I have!

I found an apartment and am moving in on August 27th!!!

I am so very excited!!! I am moving in with two girl-friends of mine that are in my singles ward! We got ourselves a cute little three bedroom apartment with a fireplace and even better, its on the first floor. I'm so very excited. Although living in an apartment isn't anything new for me, it is new to have to furnish it. It makes me so grateful that all the apartments I lived in at school were fully furnished. That really made life convenient, and I now know I took that for granted. I feel like a real adult now. But the thought of all the bills real adults have to pay really makes me nervous. Oh well. Welcome to life!

This picture displays to you what has been a daily occurrence in my life these days. The month of August has hit Texas with a mean mean vengeance. I mean when it's 9:30 at night and still 105 degrees, I think you've got a problem. 

Here's a few small things that happened in the life of, well me, this week.
1. Stood in front of a judge in court, and she made me feel more belittled than I ever have felt in my whole life. I turned around and walked out of that court holding back tears the best I could. 
2. I saw the movie "Crazy, Stupid Love" and I loved it. 
3. I allowed myself 2 days of watching Grey's Anatomy. I have seen all of those episodes so many times. I know what is gonna happen. So my question is, why does it still always make me bawl my eyes out?! Seriously. I had puffy eyes at work on Friday morning because I watched too many episodes on Thursday night, too many sad episodes. 

Ok so maybe I had a rough week. But that's ok, because today was a great day. People have tough weeks all the time. It's life.  Church was great and I just have a feeling this week will be great. I'll end with a little thought from a fireside I just got back from. 

It is all too often that we expect life to be easier than it is. We feel entitled to a life without trials and tough times. We have a Savior who gave His life for us. How can we expect our life to be easy, when His life never was? Does that make you think twice about complaining about life? Um yes.

Hope everyone has a great week! Smile lots, and enjoy every moment!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Business Trips, Friends, and Summer Music :)

So right now I am beyond exhausted, I swear, this Texas heat wave is draining me of every last bit of energy.
But something kind of exciting happened this week! I had the privilege of  driving down to Austin with the Doctor that I work for. We were attending a public hearing that  was going to be in one of the buildings by the capitol. It all happened kind of quickly, and before I knew it I was packing my bags to come along with her. We stayed in a nice hotel Monday night, and got up Tuesday morning to get ourselves looking nice and ready for the big event. We dressed up in our professional attire and took off for downtown Austin. I was incredibly nervous, because I had to prepare a three minute speech, and deliver it to the board that was hosting the public hearing.

To kind of explain why the hearing was being held, I will try to make a long story short. The Texas Board of Chiropractic medicine is being sued by the Texas Medical Board. They are trying to change the scope that says what a Chiropractor can and can't do. Although the proposed changes are many and pretty confusing to lots of people, I will say that a big part is the nutrition part. These changes could affect the Chiropractors ability to treat anyone of their patients for anything with nutrition and supplements. Well, for those of you who don't know, the nutrition side of Chiropractic Medicine is my whole career. I work everyday doing wellness and nutrition testing and guidance for many patients. If this law were to be passed, I would be out of a job.

So I went down to Austin  with my boss so that we could both defend our jobs. It was super intimidating to get up in front of that Board, and the many doctors and lawyers that were there, to give my speech. I was probably the youngest person that spoke in that meeting. But I felt good once it was done. I have never felt more important and official and professional in my whole life. Haha, I actually felt like a real adult. And as I walked away from the podium and back to my seat, the crowd applauded, and I got the smile from my boss. You know the one. The one that says "Good job Melissa, I'm so proud of you." I don't know. That's what it felt like to me.

The hearing lasted almost 4 hours. It was kind of funny to see a bunch of Chiropractors fiddling in their seats because their backs hurt from sitting for so long. It was rough. Let me tell ya. But after the hearing, we went out to a super fancy seafood and steakhouse restaurant to celebrate our efforts for the day. We ate so much food there, that we probably looked like ducks wobbling out.

The last two days I've been back at work, and I was glad to hear that today the lawsuit was voted on by the board, and they decided not to pass anything yet. Which is good. That means our speeches at the hearing made a difference to the board. YAY! I feel accomplished.

But there are a few things I don't feel accomplished in.
1. I have lost all motivation to go to the gym. This needs to change.
2. I am still looking for an apartment and it's still one of the most frustrating parts of my life. haha

Here's one awesome thing that happened this week that made my whole life.

These boys came to visit me on their way down to Houston all the way from Rexburg! HOLLLAAA.
Thanks Dan and Michael, it was SO much fun to visit for a little bit.
And thank you Ally for not being  mean to me about it, and for helping me pick out their snacks!

Seriously I know I say it ALL the time, but I really made the best friends up at school in Rexburg, and I'm so very grateful that the friendships are still going strong and that little visits like this one still happen despite being apart for a while. I really don't know where I'd be without the amazing friends that I have made the last four years of my life, and I just feel super blessed. So I love you all :)

I leave you with some of my favorite summer songs at the moment, ones that I definitely turn up loud in my car and sing along too. Don't judge, you know you do it too!

1. How to love-Lil Wayne
2. Super Bass- Nicki Minaj
3. Stereo Hearts- Gym Class Heroes ft Adam Levine
4. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall-Coldplay
5. She Ain't You-Chris Brown (seriously i wish i could dance like him)
6. Next 2 You- Chris Brown and Justin Bieber
7. Blind- Kesha
8. Just a Kiss-Lady Antebellum (obsessed with this video)
9.Never Gonna Leave This Bed- Maroon 5
10. Hello- solveig & dragonette

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oh How I Love Trips Down Memory Lane

Today I was feeling beyond exhausted. And then I somehow got up the motivation to get myself out of the house and go to yoga class at the gym. I haven't gone to the gym since I've been back from vacation. I knew it would be difficult, but oh. my. gosh. I struggled. Maybe it was the fact that it was Hawtha yoga, which means the heat is turned up. I mean, seriously, I really think it is crazy for anybody living in Texas in the middle of the summer to ever even contemplate turning on the heat at all. But it might be even crazier for someone to willingly go to this kind of class for their personal self. I think that makes me crazy. Oh well.

But after the class was over, I felt so much better. I love yoga, it is hard for sure, but it is always so refreshing. Whenever I have lots on my mind, yoga helps me forget everything. When I got in my car and drove home, this song came on the radio. And BAM I was back in 5th grade again.

We sang this song to our parents at my 5th grade graduation. But I really loved this song, I mean I loved N'SYNC so of course I loved this song. Does anyone remember the movie it's from, "Music of the Heart"? I totally loved that movie. It made me want to play the violin so bad. But I never got to do that. But seriously I love this song. So that's my flashback for the night. And I may or may not have listened to this song multiple times in a row prior to posting this. Judge me. I love N'SYNC.

It is late and so my mind is not all the way there. I will leave you with a list of random thoughts on my mind.

  1. Apartment searching is stressful.
  2. Texas summer heat is OUT OF CONTROL and I don't know how much more I can take.
  3. The above statement makes me miss Rexburg blizzards. Yep. Yep it does.
  4. Sometimes being honest is so hard to do.
  5. This remix is my favorite Coldplay remix of all time.
  6. Working with as many cancer patients as I do has really opened up my eyes to see how very lucky I am to have good health. 
  7. I have received one too many wedding announcements this summer.  
  8. Summer time is the best time for new music. 
  9. I'm giving up sweets, because my sweet tooth has gotten the best of me this week.
  10. I've been taking lots of trips down memory lane. I'm grateful for our ability as humans to have the amazing brains that we do that allow us to recall memories for years and years and years. Seriously the human body is incredible if you think about it. Sorry, there's my nerdy health science degree showing.
Well that's it for now. I sincerely hope that everyone is having a great week! Congrats, you made it to Wednesday. The weekend is almost here! Smile. Love. Laugh.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Good Reminder.

I love Sundays. They always give me a day to rest from work and all other activities. And who doesn't appreciate a little rest? This last week was a long busy week for me. I went straight from vacation mode, to work mode without any transition time at all. I flew back into Dallas with my family last Sunday night. By the time we got home it was 1:30 a.m. and I had to be at work at 8:45 a.m. So I got home, jumped in bed, and then got up and went to work. It made for a rough Monday. Work was crazy busy, and it remained that way for the whole week. It was good though, my next pay check will be amazing, so it'll be worth it.

Today we had pot luck after church, and pot luck always ends up being a compilation of many random but amazing foods. I always eat wayyyy too much and come home in a food coma. That for sure happened again today. I sat with my friends Erica and Morgan and we all just sat there and ate and ate and ate. We grabbed a dessert plate to share among the three of us, and we just ate way too much. I came home and just lounged/slept for like 3 hours. Even now I feel like I will never need to eat again.

One last thing I'd like to share in this rather random post (sorry). I came across this video today, and it was exactly what I needed to hear today. I encourage you to spend 6 minutes or so to watch it in its entirety. It is worth it.

I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday, and weekend. Have a great week this week! Smile lots!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bloggers Block is Over.

So I haven't blogged in what feels like F-O-R-E-V-E-R.
I just returned from what was possibly the best vacation of my life, ever, seriously.
Ally and I planned a surprise trip to Rexburg to visit some of our friends from school for the 4th of July, although the surprise was kinda ruined, it's ok because we just had the very best time!
Ally and I had this planned out for probably a month, and I think the trip exceeded both of our expectations for sho :)
So before I show you some pictures I will give you a few insider points to my life right now.
-I still haven't unpacked, so my room is kinda a disaster.
-I'm still in vacation mode so work has been straight up difficult. Is it the weekend yet?
-I have two dates planned this week, with the same guy.
-I am overwhelmingly grateful for the amazing friends in my life.
-I just really love sherbet ice cream. Yum.
-Ally, I can't get myself to go to the gym either, seriously it's a problem.
-I got a fun new calling in my ward!
-I left my JB movie in Rexburg, this is tragic.
-I miss the mountains.
-I am grateful for my life.

I mean, all of these pictures will be framed and put up in my apartment, once I get one.
These memories made make me smile and so I will tell all of you...
Cherish every memory made. 
Find happiness every day.
Laugh often. Love often.
Tell them you love them.
They need to be reminded.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Thought of the Day

     Sometime last week I had a thought pop into my head, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. It may be weird and cheesy to some, especially those who don't share the same religion as I do, but it's mind blowing to me. 

     I was talking to a friend about how blessed we are because of the gospel. And as I contemplated some things I was grateful for that are a direct blessing of my religion, I started to think about some of my friends. And then I started thinking about all the amazing people I've met that were brought into my life because of the gospel. And then my mind was blown. I am sure some of you may think, "Duh Melissa, you went to a Mormon college, of course you made lots of Mormon friends." Well it's a lot deeper than that to me. I've always been a firm believer that people come into your life for a reason, when you need them most. I don't think it's just coincidental at all that some people come into our lives, and completely change us. Do you believe in earthly angels? Because I really do. And it really amazes me that so many incredible people can find themselves linked because of the Gospel.

 That link is what binds us, what brought us together, and what brings us closer.

        I don't know where I would be without all of those wonderful examples and friends that I have been blessed with. But most importantly, I really don't know what direction my life would be going in if I didn't have this gospel that has blessed me with so many wonderful things and people in my life. Luckily, I don't ever have to wonder where my life would be, because this is real life. I really am so blessed. 

        To all of those friends of mine I met up in the lovely city of Rexburg, you should know that I am so very grateful for each of you individually. The last four years of my life spent getting to know you all has made me into the person I am today. My life has been shaped by you're example and friendship. So thank you. YOU are truly an angel in my eyes.

        So to all of you readers whether we share the same faith or not, take some time to think of the angels in your life.  Count your blessings. Name them one by one.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dallas Mavericks=NBA FINALS CHAMPS 2011!!!

In case you've missed every single news presentation in the last 24 hours,
I had the awesome opportunity to attend the official Mavs watching party in the American Airlines Center!
Tickets were 5 bucks, and went straight to charity, the Mavs Foundation. Legit.
I got lucky because a friend of mine bought tickets for us, because the tickets sold out in less than an hour.
I didn't think they'd sell out that fast considering it was just a watching party, the game wasn't actually there. Just goes to show that the Mavs fans are dedicated fo sho. I rode the dart train out to Victory park with two friends of mine, Aubrey and Morgan.

yep that's right. we went with the blue face paint, and blue eye shadow. it was completely necessary.
Once we got there, there were long lines outside of the AAC, and we had to wait in 100 degree weather, worth it? Yes. This is how the line was at 5:00, two hours before tip-off, And the line continued to wrap all the way around the entire building. It was Cray cRAY.

I've always wanted to be one of those crazy people who dress up and get there early and wait in line. Now I can cross that off my bucket list.

Once we finally got inside, I was amazed at how many people really showed up. Literally the place was packed, and all just to watch the game on the big screen t.v. since obviously the game was in Miami. We got really lucky with awesome seats that were right in front of the screen. Once the game started, every seat in that arena was filled. Yep, even all the way up to the nosebleed seats. It was pretty serious. And so loud. The energy in there was unbelievable. I've been to several Mavs home games, and I have to say that the crowd last night was the same kind of crowd that would be at a real game. Most everyone was wearing Mavs shirts, and we all had posters, and noise makers. And we all cheered for every single shot made. It was so loud in there before the game started, that the newswoman trying to talk for the live news broadcast couldn't even hear herself talk, and neither could her viewers! 

The entire watching party was awesome, it was loud, and I lost my voice before the 2nd half of the game. But probably the most amazing part of the whole game was when we knew we had won it. There was like 18 seconds left of the game, and we were up by 10 points. That's when the crowd really went wild. Here's a video I shot of that moment. It gives me chills every time.

And here's us after the victory.

It was quite a memorable night that's for sure. I've always been a die hard Mavs fan, I'm so proud of them for finally getting here! Can't wait for the parade here in Dallas!!!
Hope everyone is having a great Monday!!! 
Smile lots!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Everyone Has A Story

The other day I walked into my house from work one night, and my mom asked me how my day was. I looked at her, and just kind of sighed. I started to tell her all of these things that were on my mind and stressing me out. As I kept talking, I felt the tears creep up on me. So I turned away and stopped talking, trying to forget about it. I didn't think my mom really noticed, so we continued our chat, and I thought she would forget about my mini vent session.

Well I was talking with my mom again today and she was balancing her check book. I for some reason can never grab the concept of balancing a check book every time she tries to show me. I told her today that I hate balancing check books because it stresses me out, and she started to laugh. She told me that she couldn't help but laugh when she thought of my mini vent session the other day. She said "There I was listening to you talk about all these little things that have been stressing you out, and I was semi jealous that those were the only things you have to worry about right now." She started laughing, she told me "If only you knew what kind of things you will have to worry about when you're my age. Think about the last few years of my life, and tell me you'd rather have my stresses."

That statement of hers really made me stop and think. And wow, it made me feel like a weak little thing. How could I sit there and almost burst into tears when telling my mom about my "tiny" problems after I have watched her continue to conquer trial after trial for so many years. The trials my mother has pulled our family through over the last two years have been unimaginable, and probably some of the most difficult years of my life. My mom has always been a great example of strength to me.

I hesitate to even blog about this, because literally none of you really know what I'm talking about. Well. Most of you don't. But that's ok, everyone has hard things in their life that they just don't talk about. Sometimes it's easier to live in a life where people don't know what you're going through. Everyone has a story.

Moral of this story I believe is that we should be grateful for the tough times in our lives. We can really learn so much through them. We also should be grateful for them because they really could be ten times worse right?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


So I did something crazy...
I woke up yesterday thinking...hmmm I'm gonna go car shopping and check out the memorial day sales.
I didn't really plan on actually purchasing a car. 
But I did.
That's right, I did it. I can't really believe it, but I did it. 

I went and bought a 2011 Toyota Corolla. It's dark metallic blue, and it's fun sized like me. When I drove away with it, it only had 8 miles on it. 2 of those miles were from me test driving it. 
I never do things like this. NEVER. I save money like crazy, and have a hard time spending it. So let me tell you that when I wrote out my check for the down payment on the car, I nearly had a heart attack.
That was rough.
But in all honesty, I have a brand new car. And I payed for the down payment, and am paying for it. It's all me. I'm proud of that. For some reason this song comes to my head. And this one. And this one. Ok I think that's just about all the songs that came to mind. It makes me feel like a real adult, and that's a little scary, but kinda cool too. And as I drove away, this song came on the radio. You better believe I blasted that new sound system and sang it at the top of my lungs. That song just makes people feel like they can sing I decided. 

I went from driving this beast...

to this one...

Life is good.
Now if only I can sell my old car. That would just be awesome. 
Now I leave you with this song, it came on my ipod today and I had forgotten how much I loved it. We all need to remember sometimes just to breath in and breathe out...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Blogging Habits Need To Change

I've really been neglecting my blog. Life has been a little crazy so I haven't been able to read blogs like I used to, and my posts have been boring. I apologize and hope you all understand. But lucky for you all, tonight I am in the mood to blog, and so my mind is about to vomit out all of its thoughts...maybe not so lucky for y'all anyways.

This summer has been a tough transition for me, but I have to say I'm finally starting to enjoy being here. Today was a monumental day at work, I am finally past all my training time, and feel like I have accomplished a lot of learning of new things, and am finally ready to take on this two person job just being the one person that I am. Yep. That's right, they hired me to take over a job that was being done by two people. Today was the first day that I was kinda thrown into the mix of things on my own. And surprisingly, I didn't drown in the sea of assignments that were required for me to accomplish. I stayed a float today, without floaties. And it was kind of awesome.

I've been trying a lot of new things to try to feel established here. Half of me is trying to be ok with living here, and understanding that I have a nice job and that I should just plan on staying here for a while. The other half of me would love to pack everything up again and move out to Utah and reunite with all of my friends. It doesn't really help that they are all very convincing when they tell me to move out there! ;)
But the truth in the matter is that I do have a good job here, and being here is probably what is best for me for the next little while. On that note..

So true.

Those steps I'm taking to feel more established here? Oh ya. So one day last week I walked into my room after a long day at work. I just stood in the doorway and stared into my crammed messy room. I then got some strange desire to completely rearrange my furniture. So I did. My room now has a way more space and isn't so cluttered, and I finally feel like my room is awesome and I love being in it.

I've been working out way more often than I'm used to. I've been taking a class at the gym called "Strike". It's a kick-boxing class with different athletic drills. Needless to say, it's like kick-boxing boot camp. It's tough, but I love it. It kills me every time, I just keep telling myself it's good for me, and will get me ready for swimsuit season! Haha. But today my arm has had this random pulse in it that is a result of last nights strike class. It's like that little pulse you get in your eyelid when you are stressed and sleep deprived, but way more annoying.  Between that class, and my hot yoga class, and my own personal cardio workouts, the gym is providing me a way to unload my stresses at the end of the work day, and helps me get into better shape. All of this is helping me feel more content with Texas these days. 

I hope everyone has a great three-day weekend!! I'm going on a camping trip with the singles ward, it should be lots of fun! I love camping, and tin foil dinners, and good company! xoxo

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Every Mile A Memory

Do you ever go by certain places that instantly spark your memory of another time you were there? This seems to be happening to me a lot lately. Like this is how it happens. I'm in the car, riding down the street, and I drive by a place that sparks a memory. Instantly my mind takes me back to that memory, every thought, every feeling, and every word spoken. It's like I'm back there, re-living that that time in my life. It's kinda crazy to me how vivid our memories can be. Isn't it awesome though that we can remember so much? I don't think I ever take time to be grateful for that.

On another note, I really love Sunday's. Like the day of the week, not the ice cream kind. I look forward to this day every week, and the opportunity of going to church that it brings. It allows me to learn and grow and find some sort of direction in this crazy beautiful thing we call life. I am always reminded of things that matter most, and what path I should be striving to go down. This Gospel is so refreshing, and I continue to learn so much from it every day that it just kind of blows my mind.

Ok well I'm gonna sign out now, there is a C-R-A-Z-Y storm outside and it literally just shut off the electricity, so I'm a little freaked out sitting here in the dark during this tornado warning and lightning and thunder. K bye.!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today I am Grateful For...

Last night I had a really good chat with Kelsey. Even though it started out with us exchanging embarrassing stories, we ended up having a deep conversation about life and things. We talked about how important it is for us to be positive and grateful everyday, even for the trials and hard times in our lives. So that is what I want to blog about today. Little things here and there that I am so grateful for:
  1. My 21 year old Toyota corolla that still runs even though it has over 215,000 miles on it. It still gets amazing gas mileage, and today when gas prices are as high as they are, that is truly a blessing.
  2. My job. I have a job, even though at times it may really stress me out, I have one. And I should be more grateful. 
  3. The Gospel. Seriously. Love it.
  4. Amazing friends. I really am so blessed to have the best friends, the kind that say they will keep in touch, and then they actually do. 
  5. Being able to live at home at this time. 
  6. My family.
  7. Good days. 
  8. Trials that help me to learn a lesson or two.
  9. The fact that today is pay day.
  10. YOU :)
Well that is it for now. Hope everyone is doing well! I leave you with this song that I found the other day. I love it!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

One of the best things about living in Texas is the amazing cooking and BBQ that occurs often. My dad has always loved to be outside cooking on the grill, or outside having a huge craw-fish broil. My dad's broils are always a huge thing that tons of people are invited to. There is usually lots of craw-fish, crab legs, shrimp, sausage, potatoes, and corn. He always cooks it in this mildly spicy Louisiana seasonings, and it's oh OH so good. This weekend my dad wanted to have a little craw-fish broil to celebrate my graduation. It was so much fun, and SOOOo delicious. I brought my best friend Aubrey with me, and we enjoyed the perfect weather, and the amazing food.

In other news, Kelan had his 2nd reception here in Texas this last weekend. It was so fun!
I mean, we deserve props for wearing these shoes.


These boys are my world. We have all been through so much together, plenty of ups and downs, and it amazes me to see how close we all still are to this day. When the reception was over, the three of us and Kelan and Tyler's wives were all just sitting talking about life and some of our best memories from when we were growing up. It was kind of sad to say goodbye, because this was the last time we'll all be together probably for  awhile. It was kind of surreal. All of our lives are changing in really great ways, and we are all really excited to see where each other's lives go, but we were all still kind of sad to say goodbye. I came home kinda overwhelmed with lots of different emotions going through my head. I am just super happy that I know that even though we are saying goodbye for a while, I know that friendships like ours don't just lose touch. 
So a quote that keeps coming to mind is this:
"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."
This quote actually can apply to many situations in my life at the moment.
We really should just be grateful for the memories we make in this life, and look forward to the memories we have yet to make. 

Hope everyone has a great day! Smile lots and be grateful for today!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Justin Bieber-Never Say Never and Other Ramblings!

Last night at midnight the Justin Bieber movie came out. Have I mentioned that I really enjoy this movie? Maybe that's embarrassing to admit. I don't think so though. I think the movie is really great, and I love me some JB music. If you haven't seen the movie, rent it, and turn up the volume! Anyways, last night, I went with my friend Erica to the nearest Walmart to buy the movie.
She's a huge fan, so I was just gonna go with her to buy it, but when I found out the movie was only $14, I just couldn't pass it up. Haha. So as I write this, I am watching the movie, I just love the music oh so much.
Judge me. It's fine. I don't care.

In other news, I have been working out daily! I have been doing yoga, kick-boxing, and plenty of my own workouts. I am so sore, but in a good way. I feel good about getting into shape. And it's kind of awesome wearing tank tops to the gym, right Ally? Haha.

Speaking of Ally, if you don't read her blog, You should. Also check out Kelsey's. Those two girls are amazing, and I am so lucky to call them my friends. I skyped with Ally three times yesterday, and got to have a group oovoo session with Kelsey and Dan as well. I love being able to talk to my friends everyday, it totally makes my life. It takes effort to continue to build friendships when you are no longer in the same state. But my friends and I make that effort, and it is so worth it. So thank you Ally and Kelsey, y'all are the best friends I could ever ask for!

This weekend brings another wedding reception weekend! Kelan and Kalie are now on their way here for reception #2! I'm so excited to see them again, because after this I'm not really sure when I'll see them again for a while. So I get to bust out my sweet crazy high heels, and my grooms-woman skills one last time!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I am overwhelmingly behind in reading y'alls  blogs, that's what happens when you take a weekend vacation and work 40 hours a week I suppose.

Life is a little busy...
 Come what may and love it, right?

Last night after I was finished working out at the gym, I walked outside to a crazy wild Texas style thunderstorm.
It was like 9:30 at night, and the sky was continuously lit up by lighting, and the rain was coming down hard. I thought there could possibly be a tornado or something because the wind was crazy. But I had just had a nice long work out and was so hot, that the cool pouring rain felt awesome. 
SO as I walked to my car in the pouring rain, I didn't care to run, I took my time. 
And then I got to my car and just stood outside in the pouring rain for a minute. I stretched out my arms and smiled, I felt like a little kid again.
Then I attempted to drive home, and the rain was coming down so hard I couldn't see what lane I was supposed to be in. As I came to a stop at the stoplight, I noticed the lightning was pretty close, and I was starting to freak out a little bit. I called my mom and told her where I was, and that I'd be home soon. As soon as I hung up, lighting came out of nowhere and struck the light post right in front of my car, and the light exploded. Then I really started freaking out. Luckily I made it home safely, but still got caught in a hail storm with little tiny pieces of hail. But still...scary.

I always thought life would be way less busy and stressful once I finished college,
 boy was I wrong

I don't think there is any part of "growing up" that gets easier.

I still have tough times, and I still experience learning lessons every single day. Those things in life will never go away no matter what we accomplish or how old we get. My stress now that I'm out of college is no longer for getting homework and doing well in school, but rather it's for taking care of myself and trying to find balance in this crazy and beautiful life. 

One of the things I'm working on in order to take care of myself is consistently working out. On that note, my kick-boxing class starts soon, so I need to go. 
Happy Wednesday bloggers!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Grooms-woman Status

I just got back on Sunday from the most wonderful weekend in Virginia. I was able to be at my best friends wedding, and it was so beautiful. I fell in love with the green landscape and country of Virginia, it seriously was so beautiful. Here's some pictures from the weekend!I was a grooms-woman and enjoyed every minute of this spectacular weekend! I hope everyone is doing great! Happy Tuesday!!

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