Friday, December 3, 2010

A learning lesson FOR SURE.

So last night, I was out in the snow running around with my friends Aubrey and Kelan. We were attempting to push each other down in the snow and random stuff like that. When all the sudden Aubrey was flinging the snow off her hands...and BAM her ring was gone. It just happens to be a REALLY nice, expensive ring. So here we are standing in about 3 feet of soft fresh snow, and the ring is nowhere to be seen. So the three of us start looking...and we keep looking for about 15 minutes. We all started to lose hope, I know I was for sure. When all the sudden, Kelan says "I know this maybe might sound really cheesy, but maybe we should pray?". We all decided he was right, so we stood there in the snow, right in front of my apartment, circled up while he said a little prayer.

Literally 30 seconds after he said amen, he found the ring. Buried in about 3 feet of snow in one of our footprints.

I know it was just a little ring, and just a tiny experience, but I was blown away by it. We were all so blown away that we just stood there, kinda in shock. I'm such a sap now days, and I had to fight back the tears. haha. But yes...lesson learned for the day for me kinda went a little like this "Melissa, you already know this, but hello...prayer works. Don't forget."
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