Monday, December 27, 2010

Deep thoughts over the fire...

First of of today, I am now officially facebook friends with David Archuleta. This makes today monumental.
I just got back from a bonfire with some friends. Have you ever noticed how when your sitting there, looking into the flame, you can't help but contemplate your life??? It happens to me every time.
So what was the topic of my thoughts tonight? The past year...2010, and um how it's a few short days from being OVER. I have mixed feelings about it.

But I'm mostly happy it's over, grateful for the MANY lessons learned, and excited for the upcoming year. But seriously, as I sat there and thought of the many lessons learned this year, tons of memories of different experiences and different people came to mind. I realised how much I learned about: Heartbreak, true happiness, old friendships, new friendships, myself, my faith, my dreams, and change. I know we all experience this kind of stuff, and around this time of the year we all start thinking about how we want to change our lives and stuff.

I will be graduating in 4 months, and people keep asking me..."So what are your plans after you graduate?". Can I just say, I really hate this question. Because after I tell people "I'm not exactly sure yet." They all look at me and laugh, like I've wasted the last four years of my college experience. Truth is, I think it's OK to now know exactly where you want to go with your life after you graduate. Maybe I just think that to make myself feel better...either way, it works for me. Y'all wanna know my plans? Hahaha, I wanna go to Alaska and make some money this summer and after that? Who knows. We'll cross that bridge when it gets here.

So...what direction will this year take me? I am pretty excited to find out.

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