Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tiecoon Ties

I'm doing this for my hubby, he wants some new ties from this site we always buy ties from :)

If you have a man in your life, get him ties from here :)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Work Work Work!

I thought I should update you all on my current job, just because it's a big part of my daily life, and it's probably not what y'all would expect! If you have followed me through college, you may remember that I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Health Science, with an emphasis in public health. After I graduated, I took a position working as a nutrition assistant to a chiropractor back in Dallas. It was somewhat in my field, and it was what I was used to doing!

Well then...I decided to marry this cute guy and move to Utah. That meant relocating to a place where I had never lived nor worked before. It was nearly impossible to try to get a job in my field nailed down before I moved there, because I couldn't very easily stop by and set up an interview ya know? I tried and tried so hard before I moved there, but then I came to the conclusion, the job search would have to wait till I moved in to this new place. Lynn told me to take my time and enjoy a while of not working after the stress of the wedding and all that. Well, he's great, but I'm not the type to sit around and enjoy not working, it makes me feel inadequate. I lived in the library for 3 weeks when I first got here, spending every day all day while Lynn worked applying for positions and calling, and sending my resume. I had probably 10 interviews and no call backs, or calls saying "I'm sorry, the position has been filled". Nothing was pay wise what I wanted, nor was it even anything I wanted to be doing. Then after three unsuccessful weeks I reached a point where I lost patience. I gave up and just wanted a job, I didn't care what kind. So I must of applied for a job for a mortgage company, I was just applying for anything and everything. I don't really even remember applying for that one because there were so many. But I remember being in the library, and I got a phone call. It was a lady from the mortgage company. She had just looked at my resume and wanted to schedule an interview. I said ok, and didn't really think much of it because this had happened many times to me in the last few weeks, with no success. And with NO mortgage or banking experience, my hopes were nearly non-existent. I   felt inadequate and surprised they were even contacting me. I talked myself into going to the interview, even though I didn't think anything would come of it.

Well the interview went great, and I straight up told them, I know i have no experience in this field, but that'd I love to have a job. I left feeling really good about how the interview went, and for the first time in a while, I was excited at the possibility of getting this job. They called me back the next day, and offered me the job!

I started out at the bottom on the the ladder with Mortgage Compliance Advisers  which was just fine with me. I sat at my computer every day, did what I was supposed to. Then a few months later, they moved me to a different department that I liked a lot more, actually auditing mortgage files. This is something that I took off with, and really succeeded at. After a while, my supervisor made me a mentor for my peers, which I thought was awesome. And while after that she promoted me to being a Jr team lead. And after a while again, she promoted me to team lead! TEAM LEAD!! Woot woot! So I am now a supervisor of a team of 14 individuals. I interact with the big wigs of the company constantly, and am depended on by many people. Last week I had one on one meetings with each of my team members, and it was quite an amazing opportunity. I feel like this position has greatly taught me many things, I've never held a huge leadership position in any area of work in my life. I never ever would have thought I'd be so blessed to be where I am today, and am sincerely grateful.

Now that I've bored you all with a long description of my work, I never have to do it again!
K gotta fly!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

One Year Later...

So I've decided to come back to blogging! It's been almost one year (in 7 days) since my life changed entirely, and I became a Tippets! In that day I became not only a wife, but a mom! The term "Step-mom" just has this negative feeling that sends my mind straight to the "Evil step mother" in Cinderella. SO I prefer just to say I have two beautiful daughters, because that's how I love them, as though they were my own. When I got married we skipped the honeymoon phase of life, and just jumped right into reality! And you know what, I've never felt like I missed out on anything. I feel like it's the other way around actually, people should be jealous of the loving little girls that I get to hang out with :)
I jumped right into folding clothes for the whole family, spoiling kiddos for Christmas, Halloween, Easter ...yeahh every holiday is just way more fun with kids, doing homework after dinner, playing at the park, and dealing with the emotional minds of a tender little girl! It's been a journey for sure as I look back on the moments, you know, those moments that you know you're gonna remember forever. But our journey is an eternal one, one that's full of learning and growing opportunities. I look at my husband, and I am even more in love than I was one year ago. I love him more and more every day, and am beyond grateful for his love for me. I love our life together, and I wouldn't trade it for any other life. We have come a long ways, despite the doubt of many, and we've come out stronger and closer and more in love than ever. 
Ok ok I'll end the mushy love talk. I've decided to keep all of the blog posts from the past, just because they are all a part of my journey to this point! I know lots of people start a  completely new blog when they get married, but why delete the past? Maybe I'm just lazy. Haha. Anyways, I'd like to post a few pics of an important event that took place a few months ago...Jade's baptism! There are too many things to update, and rather than doing them all at once, I'll start slow now that I'm easing back into this blogging thing...

Isn't she cute? That day was a great day in the Tippets family! I am grateful to be in a gospel centered family, and eternal one. It brings me so much joy to live this gospel, and to teach it to our girls. What a great and intimidating responsibility that is, but a worthwhile one! Anyways...
I better end this post before I start rambling, well maybe I already have. More to come soon, I promise!
Keep on looking up, cause that's where it all is!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Look at me now!

I have returned. Kelli reminded me it was time to blog again, seeing as I haven't blogged in like over a year, it's for sure time. I don't know where to even start. 

The best way I can describe it is through photos...and I'll come back for a more descriptive post later :) 

I got married to the man of my dreams in the Dallas Texas temple. It was a fairy tale story, still is! My husband Lynn has two beautiful daughters, do you know what that makes me? A step-mommy!! I know this is rare! But I sure do love it. Not a day goes by that I wish it were any other way! 

 Rylee is 5 years old and is the most unique kid I know. She's a bundle of joy and love and I love her! 

Jade is 7, turns 8 in a few weeks! Lynn's baptizing her, and I just can't believe it. It's so exciting! She's adorable, and we are really close. I love her and I love our relationship! She's so great! 

My life is incredible. It took a lot to get here, and I can't tell you how many people told me I was crazy before I got married. I faced so much opposition in the best decision of my life from my closet friends and family members. All I can say is...look at me now! This is me, this is the life I chose, and this is the life I love! I can't imagine a greater happiness :) 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm back...I'm in love...And I'm going places...

Well my friends, it has been some time. I just feel like there is so much to catch you all up on! But nobody likes too many wordy blog posts, well I do, but y'all might not. I will give you a list!

  1. The most exciting...I have fallen in love. Lynn Tippets and I have been dating for a short time of about 3 months, and it has been quite the adventure. Not at all easy, but what relationship is? Lynn moved to Utah  a little over a month ago, and I have found that I really don't like long distance. But every day is a learning experience and I am sure I have lots to learn, but I am happy. We are doing great, and quite the gem. I think I'll keep him around :)
  2. I have decided to live my dream. And make it happen. I always wanted to be a nurse, it was my dream in high school and all through college. The Lord had a different plan for me at that time, but I always felt that when I graduated from BYU-I, going back to school for nursing was going to be the plan. it's been a year and it's time to just do it. I will take some summer classes here in Texas at a community college, and then a few more in the fall. I have it all planned out so that with the classes I will be ready to apply for nursing school in January. Where you ask? I am planning on moving back up to Utah in January! I will apply to the nursing program at the University of Utah, to start next fall. Between January and fall, I will take a few courses at Utah Valley University so that when I start the program, I'll be all set. (I am trying to sound confidant in getting into the program..) Some people think this is a huge step. is, I mean, Lynn is out in Utah and he is a big reason I want to be out there. But this move will also be for me, me trying to fulfill my life dream. That is what excites me the most. I finally will have an answer when people ask me what I want to be when I grow up. The idea of being a nurse just makes me so happy, and you should be excited about what you want to be when you grow up right? I sure think so. 
  3. Texas spring has just begun. Just a few short weeks ago the Dallas area got hit bad with tornadoes. In one day, in just a span of a few hours, about 15 tornadoes touched down in the Dallas area alone. Well , for those of you who don't know, I live in the Dallas area. That afternoon was quite a scary one. I watched on the news, footage of homes and neighborhoods completely destroyed by tornadoes that were literally less than an hour away from me. Then I saw footage of semi's being tossed around in the air like they weighed nothing. That took place in a city 25 minutes away from me. I however, was lucky and survived without any damage to my home, car, or to my parents homes. I was at my mom's house during my lunch break when the storm hit, the tornado sirens started to go off, and I was like..Ummm Am I really supposed to drive to work with these sirens going off? It was freaky. And the sky turned all green-ish. It was crazy. And literally...I know it is only the beginning. Bring it on spring.
  4. I am taking off to California this coming weekend to be a bridesmaid in my very first roommate's wedding! It is the first time I will be a bridesmaid this year, it is the first of three that are coming up this summer. I am truly honored to be a part of the weddings for some of my closest friends. And I am so so so so excited to be there to enjoy each of their special days, how special indeed it will be. 
  5. I saw Gary Allan in concert last night, and it truly was a life changing event. He is awesome, and I've always loved his music. He sang all of his greatest hits, and he was amazing. It's not too often that someone can sing their songs live better than they do on the album. He did it. 
  6. I saw titanic in 3D, and I still had hope during the whole 3.5 hours of it that either the boat would miss the iceberg, or that Jack would fit on that door too and they could live happily ever after. Don't know why I ALWAYS continue to hope for those things. 
  7. The phrase "Keep Calm and Pray On" has changed my life.
  8. After Easter, I made the mistake of going and seeing the 50% off Easter candy at walmart. I could not pass up the starburst jelly beans for only .98 cents. Now I feel like I may suffer death by jelly beans!
  9. I just reached my year anniversary at work, which also means it's been a year since I've graduated from college. Whoa. Weird. Makes me feel old. 
  10. I need to be better about blogging. I'm sorry! Thank you Chanel for the reminder!! 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Time Is So Precious...

I have failed miserably at blogging lately, but I have my reasons. The title of this post is my feelings about that matter. I've had a boy in my life for the last month, and all my free time seems to be spent with him. He does have a name. Lynn. He's great and I have learned so much in the last month about what it means to be in a relationship with someone. Well...a few weeks ago Lynn got a job offer he could not resist back in his home town of Salt Lake City Utah. They called him out of the blue, and that's just really where he needs to be for many reasons. So, yes I'm super happy and excited for him, but also I am sad that he's leaving Texas. So you may ask, "So are you gonna do the whole long distance thing?"...Yes. Yes we are. It'll be so hard, but it'll be a great learning experience. He leaves this coming Monday, March 5th. So it's just around the corner. As every day passes, the fact that he is in fact leaving hits me a little bit stronger. Haha, so...ya. That's my story.
Anyways...we went to the zoo this last weekend because it was sunny, 80 degrees, and beautiful. Here's my cowboy :)

In other news. I found myself in a life or death situation a few days ago as I was driving home from church. This event truly was an eye opening experience showing me how precious time really is to me. I was driving  along on a major freeway here in Dallas, and was getting ready to take the exit for the connecting freeway I needed to get on. I was probably going about 60 mph. As I was quickly approaching the right ramp to exit, the car in front of me suddenly decided that he too was needing to take the exit. Granted, he didn't decide this till it was too late. As he swerved his car to the right to jump in front of me to take the exit, the front of his car hit the cement barrier that  separated the freeway from the exit ramp. SO there I was watching the car in front of my completely lose control and begin to flip around so that it would be facing me. This ramp we were on was only a one car lane, so it was a tight squeeze. I slammed on my brakes harder than I ever have slammed on the breaks in any car I have ever driven. In my mind I thought there was no way to avoid a head on collision with this car in front of me, I had come to accept it was just going to happen. When I slammed my breaks while going 60, my car slid and I felt like I had no control. The other car was in the process of flipping around to face me and on coming traffic, as I slid right by him. It was like a scene straight out of the matrix. I smelled the burning rubber from my tires, and as my car was sliding by his, his car finished flipping and hit the side railing of the ramp. I managed to be past his car just in time to miss the car bouncing back in my direction. It all happened so fast. I don't really remember exactly what occurred, or how I managed to get my car to slide past the out of control car that was flipping in circles on that one lane ramp. I didn't know what to do. I slowly went down the rest of the ramp until I could pull over on the side of the connecting freeway. I was going to wait for the driver of the other car to get off the ramp. He reversed his car the whole way down, and then continued to reverse it into the middle of oncoming traffic in the connecting freeway. I rolled down my window to ask if he was ok, but he just flipped his car around in the middle of the freeway and sped away. He just left. What the ish?! I didn't get it. I sat there on the side of the freeway for a good ten minutes. I was shaking uncontrollably and was too scared to move. I couldn't believe that I was alive, and that I didn't even have a scratch. I wasn't sure what had or hadn't happened to my car because it just all happened so fast. My car is brand new, and so I was a little scared something had happened. I thought for sure our cars had to have clipped each other, or that I got a flat, or lost a hubcap or something. I crawled over to the passenger side of my car and hopped out on that side because it was away from the freeway and that was the side I passed the wrecking car on. I was shocked to find that there wasn't a scratch to be found, my tires were fine, and it was as if nothing had happened. Seriously, shocked, awestruck, speechless...that was me. I wish I could have had a camera take a picture from above our cars as we were sliding and flipping past each other. I am convinced there was only a few centimeters between our cars colliding. Once I got myself together, I crawled back into my car and drove home, still shaking a tad, and knowing without a doubt that angels had to be watching out for me at that exact moment. There isn't a single other explanation I can find to adequately describe how I got out of that un-touched. Miracles happen every day. And in a few seconds, within centimeters, I could have been dead, or extremely injured. Time is so precious, our lives can be taken from us so fast. So I hope that we all use our time wisely, and appreciate the time we have been given. Never take a single day for granted, because everyday is truly a gift.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Oh Hello New Year, We Meet Again...

I love how at the beginning of every new year, everyone makes all these new goals, and they are ready to change their life for the better. I am one of those people. I love it. It's a fresh new year and the start of what we all hope is a wonderful and exciting year. I often hear the phrase this time of the year, "This year is going to be my year", well lets surely hope so.

Remember how I had mentioned earlier that I was going to make a book that I found on pinterest, listing one thing everyday I am grateful for this year? Well. I made it. And I've been writing one thing in it every day that I am grateful for. Some days I can't help but sneak more than one thing in there. I hope that I can continue to write in it  everyday because I really think it'll be so neat to look back through it at the end of the year.

During the holidays I had couldn't help but reflect on 2011 and the things that have happened that changed my life in so many ways. I thought of the numerous people that came into my life this last year alone, and I was amazed and extremely grateful. I have made so many wonderful friends this year that it just kinda blows my mind. I am one lucky gal.

Some big or small events that took place that come to mind when I think of 2011:

  • well...I graduated from college at BYU-Idaho.
  • I drove from Idaho to Texas for the first time ever
  • I experienced negative 30 degrees, and 120 degrees in the same year.
  • I attended a Texas rangers games, Dallas mavericks game, and Dallas stars game.
  • Oh ya, the Dallas Mavericks became the NBA finals CHAMPIONS!!!
  • I traveled to Virginia for my best friends wedding. Oh and I was his grooms woman.
  • 5 months later I was his sister's bridesmaid in her wedding.
  • I bought myself my first brand new car. A little graduation gift to myself.
  • I jumped on the I-Phone bandwagon, and then all of my friends followed in my footsteps. 
  • I got a job, and started two days after I got back from graduating in Idaho.
  • I bought Justin Bieber's movie 'Never Say Never' at midnight with Erica, then we went back on November 1st to buy his Christmas Album at midnight. 
  • I moved into my first post-college apartment.
  • I pulled an all nighter for the first time ever during Black Friday.
  • I rode the Texas Star at the Texas State Fair for the first time in my life, and tried some awesome fried food.
  • I flew out to Idaho of all places for two separate vacations just to visit my friends after I graduated. Best vacations ever.
  • I drove down to Houston in my sweet new ride for the first time ever by myself for a quick two day trip to visit Ally and Dan.

Those are just a sample of things that come to mind tonight. 2011 was a big year. But I think that every year we make it through another year is a big year. When it comes to the end of it, one can only look back and reflect. And learn from the good and bad times we had. Every experience and every person that came in or out of our lives taught us something. It is up to you to act on those lessons learned and let them shape the way you step into this new year. 

I have one big resolution this new year. To take care of myself spiritually, and physically. Underneath this one goal is a million smaller goals that I won't go into. But let me just say, I feel like this year is my year ;)

Goodnight all. 
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